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  1. Hello everyone

    I am writing from Turkey as the rep of Turkish Pharmacy Steroids Net which is an active web site since 2011, since today, we have never had any ads or topics on any other forum or web site.


    As can be understood from the web site name, we try to provide best pharmacy grade products and some UG labs also.

    We ship from Turkey and use regular airmail or express mail service for shippings, when ordering methods will be available on checkout.

    We have 50 €/$ minimum order for Bitcoin payments and 100 €/$ for Western Union and Moneygram payments. We also have bank transfer option for regular clients.

    For all Meso Members, we will add to shippings:

    -1 box of 25 mcg 100 tab pharmacy grade t3 for any order,

    - 1 box clenbuterol Sopharma 20 mcg 50 tabs for 200€/$+ orders

    -1 box of 50 mg 50 tab pharmacy grade Anadrol for 300 €/$+ orders

    -1 box Pfizer Genotropin 16 IU/5.3 mg smartpen for 500€/$ + orders.

    Dont have a coupon for it, you can add to comment of order that you are a Mesorx member and product will be added.

    Shipping Methods we offer are :

    - Regular Airmail - 15 €
    (Delivery time 2-3 weeks)


    -Express Mail Service - 35 €

    (Delivery time approx. 1 week.)


    -Free Shipping with regular airmail (will be available for orders above 300 € only)

    (Delivery time 2-3 weeks)

    We have %100 free reship guarantee for USA, UK, Spain, France and Greece.

    Shippings are full discreet, we try to send next day of payment mostly and tracking code is given to all clients.

    For any questions:

    turkishpharmacysteroids (at) gmail (dot) com

    I took some photos especially for Meso-Rx I will try to explain some products on photos,

    Rimobolan: As you mostly know, its the new name of good old primobolan depot, ours is Bayer product that comes from pharmacy depot directly. This stuff is the best primo available I tell you that.

    Genotropin 16 IU and Humatrope 72 IU: On many places I have seen these products (probably with changed cartridges), here are what original ones look like, beware that most of the Humatrope 72 IUs on market are changed cartridges, best to stick with source country sellers about it to avoid counterfeits:

    Organon Aspen Sustanon: We used to have this stuff but since a few days we are waiting for pharmacy depots to restock, unavailable right now but will send here an update when we do, I took photos of my last boxes:

    Tiromel T3: Abdi Ibrahim 100 tab 25 mcg

    Iran Hormone Anadrol : Even though its from Iran, we have direct supply for this pharmacy grade oxymetholone:
    *Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon isnt available since about 1,5 years, no original Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon is available on market, this Iran Hormone version offers same quality

    Gonadon Belco: Directly supplied from Belco Pharma, so we probably offer the best price on market for this product :

    Choriomon: As Organon MSD Pregnyl isnt available, we have this hcg from pharmacy, same quality:

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  2. Due to limit per post, I am sending the rest of photos here:

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    Lol a Gmail account dafuq real winner here! I feel secure already!!
  4. TRT

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    Ya... I think we'll pass on that. Got any pharmaceutical grade Deca?

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  5. franchise24

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    Gmail account= red flag. You can be more cautious than that.
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  6. Where I live security is not a very serious issue so for both clients and our side, I guess its ok to use Gmail.
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  7. Have access to Iran pharmacy grade deca but dont sell it as its very low dosed per ml. Got also Norma Hellas deca but we dont supply directly from Greece Pharmacy unlike other pharm grades so I didnt upload photos here yet. The product works very well though.
  8. Nela

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    I'll loan you a escavator and the biggest bucket, think u gona need it!
  9. franchise24

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    @Turkish Pharmacy you are going to receive a verbal bashing here. Especially when you use gmail account. It might not be an issue for you where you live. But for many others it's a huge security risk. I suggest you get a secure email account if you want to begin to dig yourself out of the whole you just dug yourself into.
  10. On web site we also have a Whatsapp number for communication, it probably is a safer method for those who do not want to send mail to a Gmail adress.
  11. franchise24

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    Why not get a secure email account? It doesn't require much work and it is free.
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  12. bonacris

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    According to another source here there are no real Norma Hellas left. Haven't been made in 5years
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  13. franchise24

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    I'm not privy on Norma. But should research more. Sources say shit that will benefit them.
  14. DrinkFlintWater

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  15. bonacris

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    It was pharmasource who came into another thread and said it. He left it at that. The thread was brutalpharma EU source 1st page
  16. TRT

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    You beat me to it. I was looking for that.

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  17. Sdryx

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    So this source is likely a liar, uses insecure methods of communication (WhatsApp!????? LOL!) and sells NOTHING that we can't already get from secure and reliable sources.

    Sounds G2G! :rolleyes:
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  18. Sdryx

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  19. bonacris

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    There had been so many new sources trying to pop up it took me a while to find it
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  20. franchise24

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    Spot on.