Tutanota says PGP encryption not safe enough

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    Why does Tutanota not use pgp?

    Current encryption standards like pgp and S/MIME have several issue that we plan to address with Tutanota. These standards do not support forward secrecy and are not resistant to attacks from quantum computers.

    In addition, it is important to us that the subject line in emails is also encrypted. That's why we have developed a solution that is also based on recognized algorithms (RSA and AES) and that automatically encrypts the subject, the content and the attachments. In the future, we plan to upgrade these algorithms to quantum-resistant ones that also support forward secrecy.

    We also see the importance that Tutanota needs to be interoperable with other encryption solutions. We will develop an API so that Tutanota users can communicate with users of other secure services confidentially in the future.
    Why does Tutanota not use pgp? – Feedback

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