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  1. ticktock

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    I am on doctor prescribed TRT for the past year, and recently the pharmacies in town switched to these adorable and fucking ridiculous 1ml vials (on the left) that aren't even half full. I get 1.1ml out of each one.

    While that is funny, the two bottles on the right are "test" "cyp" "300mg/ml" (who knows if any of those things are true) from Live Well Pharmaceuticals. Also of note is that there is probably only 8, maybe almost 9ml in each bottle. I am pretty sure they are sold as 10ml bottles and these are obviously underfilled. I bought them for a bargain from a friend who was liquidating a little bit, just to try them out. Not sure if I will ever waste the time to get bloods on them but I may. They won't be in use until 2018 if ever anyways. More just something to collect for now. IMG_20171120_115523.jpg
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    Lwp is a selective scammer. I've seen good and bunk come from him
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  3. 1ml vials? Nice way to inconvenience the fuck outta the patient.
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  4. TestiCult

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    Those 1ml Perrigro's are so big pharma can charge more to insurance co's. I get those as well and also get 1.1cc from each vial.
  5. Samsquanch

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    My insurance will only allow me to have a 30 day supply, so I get two of those 1mL Perrigo vials per month for my TRT. At $1.35 each, I’m not complaining!
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  6. tenpoundsleft

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    And when I challenged them to give me 90 days worth, I got some BS about expiration issues.

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  7. Gbro

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    My place said the same thing. They acted like test would expire after a month.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    I was given 3ml vials. 3 of them for 3 months at a time.
  9. ironwill1951

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    so many guys complain about 1 ml vials while amps are still popular.
  10. Gbro

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    I don't like amps either.
  11. tenpoundsleft

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    Well, unless you use the entire ml, amps are so wasteful.
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    exactly so 1ml vials are better. but both kinda suck.
    I use amps year round and it gets old crackin them every day
  13. TestiCult

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    None of those bottles expire in exactly 1 year. More like 3 or 4 years. Much longer if stored in the dark around room temp. Am using 3 year old tren now and is still strong as ever. Shoots like water... I think it aged like fine wine
  14. TestiCult

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    Easy to get a script for 400mg/week. They dont know if you shoot 2cc's or 1/2 a cc per week. As long as you show >900ng/dl through blood most docs will write 400/week. Then you'll have plenty of extra for the occasional cycle