UGL under dosed gear and injection amount

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by shamrockbear1, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. shamrockbear1

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    So after reading some of the mass specs is it safe to assume almost all ugl gear is underdosed with purity levels from approx. 50-85% so when your getting 100mg would it be safe to guesstimate it to really be closer to around 65-70% of actual stated amount so to get a more accurate dosing I would say 2cc equal around 130-140 mg of active ingredient. So to get around 250mg I would have to shoot 4cc. Any thoughts on this ?
  2. Sworder

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    Assume it is the highest concentration and increase dose if needed.
  3. shamrockbear1

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    Well I don't think people can tell the difference anything above 500 again still guessing doses
  4. Big_paul

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    If you know how under dosed it is you can adjust accordingly, but stating how under dosed their product is isn't a good sales pitch for ugls. There is no way to adjust with out that info though.
    I give up on ugls. There is a better way imo.
  5. shamrockbear1

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    What's the better way? Fill me in... I think the mass specs really shed light on all the bs ugls are pulling ...
    I'm exhausted dealing with them I feel like a crack head always looking for purity... Well not sure but I guess right now astro maybe as good as it gets for now somehow all these ugls go down in flames whether its quality, purity or scammer ...
  6. hotdog23

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    I assume everything is underdosed as well, I add 25-33 % on every dose. So 250 mg test e id do 325mg. For 50mg tren A I go 75. However I do not do it with my Ai, I wait and see on that cuz it's more likely to mess u up gettin it wrong. I shouldn't have too but it is what it is. I was sorry to see our MS operation go down as well
  7. TheSpectre

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    The top quality UG gear is out there. A lot of these great UG labs are private, though.
  8. shamrockbear1

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    And what UG are the best?
  9. TheSpectre

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    Sadly most are not on this board. ALP couldn't edit his list so left. He openly lists on two boards. I'm not posting the names of private labs out in the open, sorry.