Uh oh! (TRT labs)

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by FiEnD, May 11, 2018.

  1. FiEnD

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    Well, apparently I timed it wrong. I need to be mid 800's but I'm going into my regular check up with a test level of 1116.7

    Last test 846.4
    This test 1116.7

    Pinning .55 EW

    Will he kick me out? What excuse could I use to lighten any suspicion??
  2. Tell him you were over tired or stressed or high or something and accidentally took a "double dose".

    Better yet, tell him you slipped into a coma. When you woke up, you thought a week had passed, but really it was only 8 hours, and you weren't actually in a coma, you were just sleeping really good, but you only figured that out AFTER you took a second injection.

    Okay, maybe not that one. i dunno. Maybe you tried a "Test booster" from GNC or something along those lines?

    There's gotta be something within the realm of possibility and believability.
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  3. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Is this on a cycle?
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  4. FiEnD

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    The high labwork? No. Coming off one. Been blasting and cruising testosterone
  5. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    If the labs include a CMP, CBC, & SHBG, there is a good chance the AAS use is observed by a knowledgeable doctor.
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  6. Kakarot

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    Tell him you pinned later than normal in the week/ closer to blood work.
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  7. GymRat88

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    @FiEnD tell him you've been having trouble sleeping and been taking ambien, might work.
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  8. FiEnD

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    Thanks for the response guys!

    I'm wondering if a change in lifestyle could increase my levels that much?

    Say, just sitting on the couch I'm in the 800's but after several weeks of lifting ect could my number jump that high or anywhere near it?

    Could that be a legitimate argument ??
  9. macabremitch

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    your friend gave you a test booster/pre workout for the gym. no idea what it is, he works at GNC
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  10. FiEnD

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    Good idea
  11. legendary

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    Missed a shot so doubled up. Didn't know that would happen.
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  12. SuperSwede

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    A friend pin something in your glute when you were sleeping..
    Just kidding.
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  13. i like this idea best. It's plausible. Shit happens in life and you can't always adhere to a schedule. So you pinned close to the test date and that why there's a spike.
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  14. FiEnD

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    Have a phone consult in 7 minutes. Going to go with both, late injection, and new supplements.

    Never done a phone consult before. Was running late and had to reschedule. Now I'm hoping doesn't feel I'm trying to avoid him because of the. Labwork lol

    Maybe I'm thinking too much into it
  15. FiEnD

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    So he didn't even seem to care about my Test level only my HGB is a bit high. Told me to drink lots of water but also talked about water retention.

    I made the mistake of mentioning my face looks a little puffy sometimes and that made him drop me down from .55 to .50

    At first I was bummed but with a blast and cruise, I don't think it really matters
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  16. mike4796

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    I think with that change of doseage being so small they’d still prescribe you the same amount weekly. So technically it wouldn’t matter would be my guess
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  17. FiEnD

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    Yeah exactly