Ultimate Breast Chicken Trick

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  1. Froz3nnn

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    Hi everyone guyz.. been a lurker from some time and just started posting something..

    Today, i wanna make a big gift to this community.. a fantastic and easy recipe to eat a soft and juicy chicken breast..

    All you need is :

    Chicken breast.. cut it into thick pieces

    A bowl of water (enough to totally cover the chicken)

    1lt of water (1000ml - 0.264 gal - you got it)

    50g of a sodium salt.. like NaCl.. i specify since i ve KCl also.. and doesnt suite

    Put da chicken cutted into thick pieces under water and let the Brining makes wonders..

    Make it rest in fridge for about 3 hours..

    It would weight more since water will fills his cells.. along with some salt..

    Let s cook it at very very low flame.. the lowlest flame you can use on your kitchen..

    Don t add salt since it s already salted.. if you wanna can add a little bit of sodium glutammate (just in case there isnt enough sodium).. and you re done..

    Cook slow at low flame since hot will squeeze muscle fibers and the water will squirt out, lettin da chicken become dry and shitty as always)..

    Don t overcook.. open some pieces to see if everything turned withe.. and you ll done..

    You ll chicken breast will be delicious.. guarantee.. Gordon Ramsey taught me this..

    Let.me.know :)
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  2. Evom1

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    Guyz what da eff is this gift of chicken?
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  3. Froz3nnn

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    Try that recipe if you wanna eat a juicy chicken breast whit only a bit of salt..

    If you love dry chicken breast so move on.. :)

    HIGHRISK Member

    I cook my chicken breast on my Forman. I put a little bit of dales and some Everglades seasoning. Great taste and never dry.
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  5. Froz3nnn

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    Great.. but with brining will be even more juicy and tender..
  6. Wunderpus

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    HIGHRISK Member

  8. Froz3nnn

    Froz3nnn Member

    I was joking.. Gianfranco Lo Cascio taught me that trick
  9. Iron Vett

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    Guys I know brining works wonders when baking a turkey. After brining,the white meat turkey remains moist and tender even after coming out of the fridge a few times.
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  10. Wunderpus

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    In all honestly, pressure cooking or sous videing are the best methods for tender chicken... I've tried literally everything.
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  11. Froz3nnn

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    Yes for sure, but your chicken will lack of Maillard reaction upon skin if you dont put it for a little time (dried with paper previously) on a hot source like a cast iron grill or even a hot cooking pan.. since your chicken should be cooked already you have to put it a few seconds on a really hot source to cauterize the surface and bring the reaction start between aminoacids etc.. to make that fuckin tasty and fragrant crust..
    Ah yeah it s called Reverse Searing the technique where you first slow cook your meat to assure its tenderness and juicyness, and then cauterize the surface on a very hot something.. try it and if during cauterizing process the water will squeeze out of muscle fiber you can previously put da chicken on brining under salty water or maybe doin a dry brining.. when you let the raw chicken rest sprinkled with salt.. the salt will bring some water onto surface, and then upon some time will be reabsorbed forming a little crust.. something like a little brining..

    Enjoy da fuckin chicken
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    An odd first post for sure but at least homeboy didn't come in here saying is Naps gtg still? Lol
  13. Froz3nnn

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    Odd first post.. i just wrote a great recipe to eat and enjoy the most famous bodybuilding food.. da chicken breast..

    You fell it s odd since i don t wrote so much.. i lurked a bit, and i m not searching sources here since i ve mine..

    Btw, try that recipe and let me know if you liked da fuckin chicken :)
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    I never said it wasn't good, odd is a different thing.
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    Odd is just good without the g, missing an o, and an extra d.
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  16. Froz3nnn

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    It was goodd.. good and odd
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  17. Bundy55

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    Hahaa I like this fuckin guy!
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  18. picholas

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    His sense of humor is quite entertaining -- and cooking wise he actually knows his shit.

    I shall now kindly refer to him as Chef Boyardee
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  19. kendallkmw

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    Personally I like mine baked. I buy whole chicken breast from Sam's Club. Trim them and evenly slice them in halves. Toss them in EVOO and seasoning of choice. Bake at 350 for 27 minutes. Perfection. I do at least 5 lbs at a time.
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  20. Iron Vett

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    My favorite way to cook white chicken is to cut it in cubes, season it with Tony chacheres seasoning and garlic powder and throw it in a nonstick pan and cook it on top of the stove till the water is cooked out of it. Stirring as necessary. Then add water to cover all of the chicken and let it cook, undisturbed, until all of the water is cooked out and the drippings have turned a very dark brown on the bottom of the pan. Add just enough water to unstick the browned drippings from the pan and then begin to stir the chicken until the gravy thickens and is stuck to the chicken and no longer in the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat and cover before all water is completely cooked out of the gravy.

    This is essentially boiled chicken so it is as tender as it gets, with a tasty brown gravy coating it. Delicious!!
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