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    So happy to see Green get shut the hell up, especially by Juan Espino. Whats the consensus on the womens finale next week? Leah vs Chiasson ? I personally think that Leah is the more tough customer out of the two but Macy is the more dynamic out of the 2. What does everyone else think?
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    Idk anything about wrestling
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    Its ufc
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    Cokehead and peen pill extraordinaire bones Jones is back. Looking forward to watching him fight.
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  5. Why did you start a thread about United Federal Credit in the sports section?

    You trying to get a loan or somethin'?
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    Trying to get my finances in order, sorry sir.
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  7. Is Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Tank Abbott or a few others I can’t remember still in the UFC? Ah the good old days where weight didn’t matter, a 280lb’er could fight a 400lb’er

    I remember watching that one as a young kid with my brother, we were laughing at how Tank was mocking the dude,
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    Nope, Tank couldn’t keep up with the sport as it evolved. Shamrock stuck around a bit but eventually go too old to compete. Gracies are all out of competition. Gracie jujitsu is all over the place and it’s considered the gold standard of jujitsu the world over. The sport has changed a lot since those days
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  9. lol didn’t expect them to still be around since they were active 20 years ago, would be pretty impressive if they still fought in their 50s-60s. Yea Tank Abbott was cool to watch but IIRC he was no match for the BJJ, grapplers etc.

    Yea it’s definitely not the same as back then, but it’s still entertaining, way better than boxing . Andersen Silva was pretty good, don’t remember what # show it was but like 8-9 years ago he was getting his ass beat 4.5 rounds and then towards the end Silva managed to get him in a hold to tap out. The dude just needed to ride it out for 1-2 min and he woulda won by the judges decision.
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    That was the Chael Sonnen fight. Great fight!
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