Under dosed Tren salvage options

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What should I do....?

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  1. I am 2 weeks and 3 days into my first trenbolone cycle, and I have come to the conclusion that my tren Ace is under dosed. I started at 100mg EOD of tren ace and 400mg/week test prop (ran this for about 10 days). For the past week I increased the tren ace to 100mg/day. Mental sides lasted from day 5-8ish then leveled off, I got some initial indigestion but that also has since resolved and strength gains are not much more than what I would expect from the test prop. I tested the tren with a color-metric lab kit prior to starting the cycle, which checked out okay. Today I got the results back from an ECLIA E2 blood test (drawn yesterday) (E2=>198pg/ml). At half the dose I am currently taking others have reported false positive E2 levels twice what mine are. I am currently running pharma sourced exemestane 25mg every 3rd day, I have zero estrogen sides, I know that number is from some small amount of tren. A full panel of LC/MS lab work is getting drawn tomorrow, results will be posted.

    so help me weigh my options please.

    OPTION A) double the dose of tren. I would be running 1400mg/week according to the vial. if the tren is under dosed thats fine I do not mind big injections. Though it would really suck if there is a lack of consistency in concentration among vials, and half way through my cycle I unknowingly actually start taking 1.4g of tren ace.

    OPTION B) dump the tren and increase the test prop. I have enough prop to run the rest of the cycle at 1g. though this would be painful....

    OPTION C) Switch to test cyp (I have like 12 grams lying around), order better tren from a forum source and blast for the last 6 weeks of the cycle once it comes in.

    I currently have 5 vials of tren I am cooling very slowly to see if they crash at different temperature. Might be a sketchy way to estimate drastic difference in concentration among vials of tren.

    so help me out with some ideas,what would you do?
  2. Eman

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    Option D.

    Send it away to get tested and stop goofing around with these weird experiments trying to determine how much tren you have...

    Every single time I've ever seen a thread or post like this, the tren was never underdosed or bunk in the end.
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    Diet determines what tren does. Everyone has it in their head tren is supposed to do amazing things

    If your diet is not dialed in it will not. If your response to this is to respond with your macros and not your specific diet, your diet is the issue

    As Eman said, the tren is likely fine
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  4. Do you disagree that tren produces a false positive ECLIA E2 reading?
  5. Eman

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    No, all 19-nors are well known to skew e2 blood test results...

    I do disagree with using that false positive blood level and comparing it against other false positive blood levels to try and establish whether a product is dosed correctly or not.