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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by panderbear, May 10, 2011.

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    panderbear Junior Member

    What underground labs would be considered the most trustworthy right now? I am not asking for sources or links to websites where I can purchase these products, so there is no need to respond by typing ten messages telling me there is no source checking on this website. Like I said I am not looking for sources I was just wanting some feedback on what labs you guys have had good experiences with. What do you think of Omega Labs, Xt, labs, Geneza, etc. I think its pretty hard to sort out the legit reviews on websites from the ones that might be planted by someone associated with the product. I got some Omega labs anavar from Mexico when I went down there. I have noticed increases in strength, but I don't know if that is attributable to the 500 mg of Sustenon I took down there or the Omega labs anavar. It was kinda wierd, I told the pharmacist that I wanted Xtendrol and he said all he could order was the Omega labs alphanavar. Why would a pharmacist order from a underground lab? The xtendrol from atlantis pharma was way better than the omega labs stuff. I wish I would have told the other Pharmacist that I got the Xtendrol anavar from to order 3 more boxes before I left. Oh well. I know some underground labs have source checkers where you can type in the code that came on the bottle and they email you back and tell you if it came from them or if it was a fake. That is assuming that the company you ordered from the trustworthy, which many ug labs are not. So all I really wanted to know is what labs you guys have gotten good results from.
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    heatfan5 Junior Member

    I just came back from TJ how is the omega anavr I just bought some.

    I used Atlantis Pharma in the past and its amazing just really expensive 30 2.5MG pills for $33 calculate how much it will be if your taking like 60MG a day!

    I bought my 10MG var for $130 for 100 pills let me know bro thanks how much

    MG where you taking a day for how long
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    panderbear Junior Member

    To be honest I can't tell for sure how well it is working yet. I have noticed some big strength increases since I got back, but that might have been caused by the Sostenon 250 I took when I was down there. Did your Omega labs anavar have a slightly bitter taste? I don't know if bitter is the best description of it, but it was definitely not as clean as the atlantis pharma xtendrol. I am going to wait another week (the sostenon should have worn off by then) so I can pinpoint what has caused my strength increases. I have just taken too much shit to pinpoint exactly what caused it at this point. I went from the Sostenon to the xtendrol to the alphanavar and I was taking cell tech too so I have no idea what could be attributed to the omega labs stuff. Were they selling your omega labs alphanavar in a pharmacy too? Where did you purchase your stuff.
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    heatfan5 Junior Member


    How much of the omega anavar are you taking per day??

    Nothing beats XTENDROl that shit is pharm grade shit just wayy to expensive I cant afford it.

    I havent started my anavar I bought two bottles for $230 for omega labs from a pharmacy. yeah.

    Let me know bro and keep me updated.

    Which pharm did you buy your omega from how much did you pay..U get it in TJ as well?

    I found other pharms they had NITRO anavar and XD anavar but i never heard of those brands..
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    panderbear Junior Member

    I took a trip to cancun and got it from a pharmacy down there. I started taking 40mg a day and then I went up to 50. When the pharmacist ordered from an underground lab I started to get a little worried that the stuff was bullshit but I guess thats just how unregulated their pharmacies are down there. I am sure they can get in trouble for selling that stuff, but whatever as long as it works I don't care. I agree the xtendrol is priced way to high, but it is a better product in my opinion. A whole box only yields 75mg so I started off only taking 20mgs of that and then I started taking the omega labs stuff. I also took 2 rediject sostenon 250 shots while I was down there. It was manufactured by organon and it had the 18 gauge needle that you push on. Are you familiar with them at all. I was just wondering if you had heard of any fakes floating around. I always heard the redijects were always legit, but I was just curious. I paid more for my xtendrol I think it was 40 dollars which is expected since cancun is a tourist area. I wish I could get a source in the states that could get it around where I live, but I am sure if someone could get it they would charge a ton of money for it. You could smuggle hugh quantities of that shit back if you could find a market for it. All you would have to do is take all the pills out of the foil individual packaging and put them in a aspirin bottle. That shit could easily pass as baby aspirin. Like I said U.S. Customs are not trained pharmacists they would have no idea if that shit was aspirin or not. The only problem is if you tried to sell the stuff that you had taken out of the packaging a lot of guys would be skeptical of the gear.[:eek:)]
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    heatfan5 Junior Member

    Oh Ok, I live in San Diego so I just hop on over to tj its only 15minute away. Yeah I always go through customs they dont care about roids. Just care about real drugs and illegal crossing.

    Yeah those redijects are good stuff but I hope you didnt use the 18G needle to inject it that would hurt like a bitch.

    Xtendrol is the best, but like you said its expensive even in TJ its $33 a box or $33 per 75MG which is crazy.

    Do you think omega labs is even real do you feel anything?? notice anything how many days have you been on it.

    How much did you pay for yours?? alphanavar
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    panderbear Junior Member

    The dirty little bastard who called himself a pharmacist upcharged me. I paid 140 a bottle for the omega labs stuff. Like I said I am not sure how effective the omega labs stuff is yet because I dont know if the strength increases I have had are due to the Sostenon. I did use the 18 gauge needle unfortunately. It really was not as painful as I thought it would be. The fact that it was hotter than hell in cancun on that day helped out a lot (I am not sure if I could have done it if it was cold outside) the heat really helps lessen the pain. Like I said though I think the xtendrol was better its just the price of it is too damn high. I wonder what the pharmicists pay for that shit. It seems like the pharmacists live by the same policy as the drug dealers down there. Buy low and sell high.
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    sirendee Junior Member

    I am traveling to Cancun Mexico soon and I am wondering what pharmacies will sell Xtendrol. I will also be traveling down to Playa del carmen. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    Manny Member

    Jasus!!! You used an 18 to pin with!? I tried once with a 20, forgot to changeit out after loading my pin. Wasn't able to even get it in my glute.
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    biggerben69 Member

    Bring plenty of cash. You'll be on vacation anyway so u should be ready to spend. I've been to both spots several times over the years. You should be aware that tourist destinations are referred to as "traps" for good reason.
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    sirendee Junior Member

    so i guess i will have to check out local towns. if only i spoke good Spanish. lol. so much of this and that about anabolic it's hard to know what is 100% truth. very discouraging at this point.
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    juicinglitg8r Junior Member

    Ive shopped at many of the Cancun and Playa del Carmen pharmacias over the years. In Cancun my advice is to hit the places in el centro away from the tourists. One of my buddies would hit up the local vets and bring back decent shit. .cheap too. Playa del Carmen is filled with pharmacias. Havent been in a couple years but loved their Sten.
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    Big_paul Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I did the same thing once. I didn't realize it until latter. It bled like I got hit by a shive.
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    popcorn Member

    what about the HGH in mexico. Can you get it from the pharmacy too?
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    Big_paul Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I don't go to TJ anymore a buddy of mine and is girl got busted there. He had to pay a lot of money to leave Mexico.
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    mghoward74 Member

    All this talk of TJ/ Mexico let's me know my meso brothers are near by.....lol

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    popcorn Member

    too bad the states don't have different laws on the use of aas, like they do on gun control. for example CA has some pretty strict gun laws but drive a few hours out of state to NV or OR and you can shoot full auto with clips larger than 10 rounds. Do that in CA and you do not pass go>>>

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