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    95898C6B-A0D1-4AE2-9823-4B909AAC0267.jpeg 3E09F094-B89C-450E-AF19-2853F5011852.jpeg I just got this new Preworkout and I’m stumped. I figured I would ask you guys because maybe someone has tried this stuff! It’s called Death Punch! You can find Death Punch on the internet but it’s a completely different formulation! This stuff has Ephedra, DMAA and even Cardarine in it! I realize these are banned but the guy I got this from said he just got it in! I can’t find it anywhere on the internet and I can’t find any preworkouts that have Ephedra+DMAA+SARMS! You will notice on the supplement fact portion there’s a typo. It says Ephedra Etract. Lol. I’m thinking this is some straight underground supplement or something. Very intriguing! I almost want to send it in to get tested because it’s very intense! It works for hours! Anyways, if anyone know anything let me know. Thanks guys!
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    Looks like the new blend with a fake label.
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    Looks like they screwed up the spelling on a few of the “other ingredients” too.
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    Yes they did! Lol. This shit is potent as F though so there’s definitely some good stuff in it.
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    According to the FDA ALL Ephedra extracts are illegal as in "adultered dietary supplements."

    Also note the extract component is number SIX out of NINE and its concentration is NOT listed.

    Some manufactures are able to bypass FDA guidelines IF the concentration of the banned substance is so low, adverse effects are said to be circumvented. An admission of sorts to FDA inspectors, that while some Ephedra may be present as a result of our production process we did our best to remove it.

    IMO the effects your experiencing are likely the results of CAFFINE and Taurine, both of which can be found in 5 Hour Energy. The latter is a great "pick me up" IME.

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    Hmmmm. Very interesting. Thank you for your response.
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    I also thought it was interesting this product is sold on Amazon.
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    This one is? I looked everywhere and all I could find is the reformulated version.
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    The Death Punch by Hard Iron labs is different and the ingredients don’t match up. That’s why I was so weirded out because I can’t find it anywhere. Lol
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    Reminds me a bit of the old Arez god of the gym formulation which was awesome.
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    Good work bc I only noted the name was the same and didn’t
    check the ingredient list.

    But ya can’t judge a book by its cover or KNOW what’s
    in a supplement in the absence
    of analytical testing.

    Due diligence is advised bc some
    unapproved supps can and have resulted serious adverse effects.
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    Ha, to say the least!

    This is why buying from a reputable brand, who has something to lose, is best! Especially if you are a tested competitor.... These shady, especially non-US made, supplements are asking for disaster.
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    Funny you mention that. That was the last preworkout I just got finished taking. I managed to get one of the last of the stock he had! It was awesome!
  14. 4EverLftn!

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    Those this stuff could just be some weird underground stuff? The guy who owns the store that I got it from seems pretty cool and he just got it in so I figured why not. Kinda sketched now. Works like a charm though! Lol
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    You’re right! I guess I really don’t know what’s in it. Kinda sketch though. :/
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    A disaster as in liver failure yep although rare it has happened.

    However id like to think most would like to know WHAT they are experimenting with since it enables users to treat side effects on an expectant basis.

    To that end its probably best to avoid imported supps entirely.

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