Up Dose, Up gains?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Kpaxi, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Kpaxi

    Kpaxi Member

    Has anyone had any experience with up dosing an already medium-high dose and seen a difference?

    Say 75-100 MG dbol
    75-100 MG of Anadrol
    750-1G of Injectables?

    At a certain point is it just a waste?
  2. Notits

    Notits Member

    Why so many/much orals?
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  3. master.on

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    I love pyramiding up (but not down) to both
    avoiding the sudden shock of high doses when the cycle begins
    and to leave the higher dosages and orals for the last part of the cycle, when plateau begins.
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  4. Kpaxi

    Kpaxi Member

    Not somthing I’m doing. Just asking if people have actually seen differences on these dosages. I know a few on here that dose that high.
  5. Test_Subject

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    Anything over 50mg of dbol is just dumb.

    It really depends how dedicated you are and how advanced you are. Most average gym rats that I've met who run mega doses do it to make up for a deficiency in their diet or their training.

    Higher doses will of course work better, but you reach a point of diminishing return. For example, 150mg of anadrol is not 50% stronger than 100mg.
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  6. Delt123

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    That's a bit of weird comparison as it isn't a 50% increase in dose too.

    I think you mean 75mg vs 150?
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  7. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    75 vs 150 is a 100% increase in dose. 150 is 200% of 75 or double.

    150 is 150% of 100, or an extra 50% dose.
  8. Delt123

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    I suck at math
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  9. eje1990

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    Adding 75 to 75 is 100% of the dose that you originally we're taking. Say you wanted to add 50% of your dose to what you are already taking. You would divide the 75mg by 2 and then add that. So 50% of 75mg is 37.5 Add that to your original dose of 75mg to get the increase of 50%.
  10. Mac11wildcat

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    Generally speaking, more = more...but this sort of thinking goes against the reality that gaining muscle long term is a marathon not a sprint.

  11. Holidaypay

    Holidaypay Member

    Yes there is a point of diminishing returns 1.5 grams of test doesn't help me much more than a gram when going from low to high yes it helps but high to higher not unless everything is perfect with diet an training
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  12. My thoughts on this stack:

    it looks like a recipe from a cookbook.

    Are we cooking heart palpations?
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  13. Kpaxi

    Kpaxi Member

    That’s not a stack. I was just saying like taking dosages of these drugs. I’d never tak that as a stack lol.
  14. Mac11wildcat

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    Not at all atypical for an IFBB Pro though..it is done.
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  15. big unit

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    My 2 cents...

    Diet, food intake, workouts, etc all have to be in order. There’s no magic in adding more gear if you’re not eating properly, pushing it in the gym, etc.

    Genetics plays a big role here too.

    Just generally speaking...I’m ignoring the compounds and the dosages you’ve listed.
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  16. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    If genetics are the limiting factor. Then steroids wont get you there. It will get you so far. To break the genetic barrier hgh long term can help get over some genetic barriers. You need to build new
    Muscle tissue and steriods dont do that they expand on what you have. High doses of aas will not make much of a difference compared to normal doses to grow. Many bodybuilders have broke the genetic barriers with high doses of hgh and slin.
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  17. Of course, I have a tendency to push orals too but mostly in duration rather than dose (25mg drol for 8-10 weeks for example). Palpations seem to be common with 100+ drol qd with people who go there. They aren't necessarily a problem but it's definitely uncomfortable as fuck.

    My tolerance for AAS is on the lower end when it comes to how much I can take before feeling like death, and everything becomes amplified when bodyweight is high for myself.
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  18. master.on

    master.on Member

    Most megadosers and pros use bp meds like Atenolol to calm down and lower heart rate.
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  19. Big_paul

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    He's hammering his liver
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  20. master.on

    master.on Member

    Lived damage is overstated as long as you don't use orals nonstop.

    Still, you don't wake up one day like I'm going to use grams of gear. You work your way to it.

    - Orals (Dbol/Adrol) by more than 25 mg per cycle
    - testosterone by no more than 250 mg per cycle
    - Milder injectables (deca, EQ, Primo, Mast) by no more than 400 mg per cycle.