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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by T-Diddy, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. T-Diddy

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    My coach has me on the following plan for the next 8 weeks. Wondering all your opinions/input and/or potential tweaking of it of what you have learned with the compounds (notably all new compounds for myself minus the Winny):
    • sust 250 250mg m/w/f
    • winny 50 50 mg daily
    • Anadrol 50 50 mg daily
    • EQ300 300 mg m/w/f
    6', 222lbs, intermediate to advance gear user. Goal is to gain some more muscle and shed some of this fluff I've put put on.

  2. Evom1

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    Follow what your coach says. If you have concerns bring it up with him. Too many cooks in the kitchen will fuck up your plan.

    If you're paying him to coach you, he must have a client base that impressed you.
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  3. Munky

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    I thought eq had to be run a long time to see it's true benefits like 16 to 20 weeks
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  4. Munky

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    I would run test prop first 2 weeks on top of sustanon 250
  5. Evom1

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    Why? Sust has short esters
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  6. Munky

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    Fast as prop ? Sorry I never got that much in to sustanon
  7. Munky

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    Thanks I appreciate that I just learned something new
  8. Munky

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    Anadrol is harsh on the liver how long can a guy run ?
  9. Evom1

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    sustanon 250 contains, per mL, short-acting testosterone propionate , 60 mg of testosterone phenylpropionate , 60 mg of testosterone isocaproate, and 100 mg of testosterone decanoate

    As for the Anadrol typically 4 weeks but only blood work can tell you for certain
  10. Munky

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    Anadrol and Winny just a little harsher on the liver hey
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  11. Evom1

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    He didn't state if it was injectable winny or not
  12. T-Diddy

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    I'll probably go the oral route for Winny, but will confirm.

    You're right @Evom1 his client base is top notch and should not question. I had been with him 16 weeks last summer. Things were getting good until injuries and duties with work interjected.

    However, I do ALWAYS like to round table with guys that have years under their belt. Whether a grain of salt like the sustanon response or in depth food for thought.
  13. Screenshot_20171105-141304.png

    Stop giving advice idiot. You are a jackass.

    People make your self a life changing favor and don't listen to anything this fat jackass say unless you want to be as fat as he is
  14. I’d with whatever your coach says, after all you are paying the guy for him to do the job...

    But the only thing I’d ask him about is about taking two orals for that length that can have a negative impact on your liver. Winny is one of my favs though.
  15. Iron Frenchie

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    I don't believe anyone should run that much test unless you want water and sides. I would instead do 150mg test with 150mg tren ew. If you did that no need for the orals due to the tren and eq synergy.
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  16. Evom1

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    Oh my God dude. Should I quote every single one of your posts and show how stupid you are?

    Yup, there's a post where I started having issues after doing something under a coaches guidance. However I did my research and found a solution.

    You're one of those guys who should've been swallowed

    PIZZABOY Member

    Your 8 week cycle is realy a 12 week cycle. Your going to bloat pretty good on that sust. Be sure to use ai. I wouldnt do orals that long, not at same time. Maybe the anadrol first half. You want to gain mass while losing fat, thats tough. Make sure you focus on nutrition, and pct. Good luck!
  18. cflow69

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    I would defenitly drop the Eq. No sense of running a compound like that for such a short period of time ..You will get nothing from the Eq in that short period of time. Waste of money and xtra pinning for absolutely nothing?
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  19. Bigboy727

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    You did hire him so you need to give him a chance or bounce. I am at a big loss on this cycle. Here is some of the questions I would bring to the light.
    1. Why Sust. It’s great but I found it very hard to have stable bloods. You can’t manage anything you don’t measure. Why choose something that make such big fluctuations. No doubt test p would be my choice.
    2. Eq will literally be a waste. As eq builds in your blood it takes a lot of time. By the time you quit you will just start to see the benefits.
    3. I am also not a fan of stacking 2 orals together because of cramping for myself. That just be a side I have to deal with.

    If you can’t handle tren or need the cardio I would go with this. Npp is very versatile. You can cut or bulk on it. If you only have 8 weeks you definitely need short esters. To keep it clean and dry..

    I personally would do
    Test p 400mg weekly
    Npp 400mg weekly
    Winny or Anavar

    I am not a coach but just voicing my 2 cents. Good luck bud
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  20. For an 8 week cycle I’d agree with this one, although I’ve never tried npp and my nandrolone experience is limited.
    For losing fat and gaining strength I’d say winny is a good compound to stack in.
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