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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KTCKSports, Dec 15, 2003.

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    KTCKSports Guest


    My friend received a certified letter from US Customs over the weekend regarding his purchase. He already knows his order had been seized. I am guessing he should not go sign for that letter. Is his thinking correct?

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    urbadside Junior Member

    Hey bro;
    That letter only gets you in trouble if you claim the goods are yours....however; IF, it was a substantial amount, they could be making plans for your friend...So
    1....dont sign for it....2....Check your source's policy on seized items...most will reship half....sometimes the full amount....
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    BoogerSnax Junior Member

    BUMP! KTCKSports
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    KTCKSports Guest

    Thanks for the info. I have no plans on trying to claim it. I am just a little concerned because I received the letter last week in lieu of my package and now a certified letter is at the post office.

    The value of it was $250.


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    Purplehaze Junior Member

    I have had the same problem as well as 100's of bros on the net...Just ignore it and DENY DENY...Peace
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    KTCKSports Guest

    Thanks Purple... I feel better

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    stevemac Junior Member

    yea, as long as you dont claim it there is nothing they could do. If someone wantedt o they could send a shipment of crack to the george bush, doesn't mean he ordered it. Just say you dont know what the fuck it is, if they ask just say that you werent expecting anything so it cant be yours. but youll be okay.
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    panam Junior Member

    Don't claim nothing, let it die...even better, BURN THAT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT LETTER, YOU'RE ALRIGHT BRO!!!!

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    Peace Division

    Peace Division Junior Member

    You may want to think about cleaning house. Pins, ancillaries, 3 week old moo goo gai pan from the Szechuan Palace, etc.. Sometimes it's better to play it VERY safe. Just my 2 cc's. Peace.
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    Green Darter

    Green Darter Junior Member

    No your friend doesnt sign anything ignore the letter and say he ordered nothing and has no idea what is in it if it ever goes beyond that which many times it doesnt they seize it and thats it.
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    VDC Junior Member

    Don't burn the letter til you send a copy or scan to your source,,,I also received a seizure letter a couple of years ago,,,Its in a landfill somewhere,,,No probs,,,VDC
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    clerks Junior Member

    You still might recieve another letter. It will be about a last chance to claim your package. Jusat thought you would like to know that...cLeRks
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    Rudebwoy Junior Member

    Your first post said your friend and your second post said you?
    You must be your friend ! Jus kidding bro, Like purple said DENY, DENY,
    There is no better answer period. Dont bother to respond and chalk it as a loss.
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    Meathead74 Junior Member


    I recieved a letter along while ago, the same as VDC....hooray for nothing! hahaha, anyway, i have also had packages opened and sent through, green customs tape and all. :eek:

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    satchboogie Junior Member

    lmfao.... :D
    thats some of the funniest shit yet!!
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    Dianabol17aa Junior Member

    Will one of you type out the letter and send it to me, I am just curious what it says?Thanks a lot...I will probably be getting one soon. :eek:
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    bigkb Junior Member


    Here is a copy of a letter I got a while back. I edited the name, address and date for obvious reasons. Why they put "200 boldenone", I don't know...but all there was was one vial of 200mg EQ.

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    Dianabol17aa Junior Member

    Thanks for taking the time to scan it, but can you scan it bigger I can NOT read it at all, thanks.
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    bigkb Junior Member

    Try maximizing the pic by putting your mouse over the pic until the maximize button shows up in the lower right corner, then click on that to enlarge the pic.

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    Dianabol17aa Junior Member

    LoL, yeah I figured it out...Was there only 1 sheet?

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