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    Greetings, we are Majesty. We have primarily been a private and local source for anabolics, however we are now looking to expand our customer base. We have been in this business for over two years now with over 1500+ orders done. What you will get with us, punctual communication and shipping times. We will only offer the highest quality anabolics and continue to do so.


    All glassware is soaked in a 50/50 mix of 91% alcohol and deionized water. It is then rinsed again in deionized water and then placed in an autoclave.
    Oils are twice filtered through .22 membrane filters.
    Oils are placed in 10ml vials with silicone stoppers and flip off tops.
    GSO is our carrier oil for all injectables.
    All orals come in a 30 count of size 0 capsules with corn starch as filler.
    We ship in flat rate priority boxes with stamped business labels, shipping times vary from 2-3 days after payment is recieved. We due issue tracking numbers for all orders.


    INJECTABLES (10 ml)

    Test E 250mg/ml
    Test P 100mg/ml
    TNE 100mg/ml
    EQ 250mg/ml
    DECA 250mg/ml
    NPP 100mg/ml
    tren Ace 100mg/ml
    Tren E 200mg/ml
    Mast E 200mg/ml
    Mast Prop 100mg/ml
    Bold Cyp 250mg/ml

    ORALS (30 count size 0 capsules)

    Winstrol 25mg/per capsule
    Dbol 50mg/per capsule
    Anavar 25mg/per capsule
    nolvadex 20mg/per capsule
    clomid 25mg/per capsule
    aromasin 25mg/per capsule


    All communication is through either ProtonMail or Wickr. Expect response times to be within an hour to 2 hours.


    We are currently only accepting BTC
    For anyone unfamiliar with Bitcoin, we will give you detailed information on finding reputable vendors and setting up a wallet.
    Other payment options may be discussed.
    INTRO SALE !!!!!!!
    As clearly evident there is no pricing for any of our products, this is due to us wanting to offer you a set price of $70 for any two products (includes shipping) and $95 for any 3 products (includes shipping)
    We will honor this deal as many products the customer wishes.
    We understand there needs to be an incentive for a new source to be tried. Our aim is to provide that for you with this sale.
    After our intro sale concludes we will then establish competitive set prices for everything.


    We are aware that it is an established ruling that sources post pictures of current stock, raws, and lab set up. Ohh yeah and Titties......
    HOWEVER, we are choosing not to do so as this is ammunition for all LE branches to use as evidence in case of an investigation.
    Our goal is longevity and quality service.
    Our communication through here will be limited to about once or twice a day so any questions are better addressed through either our email or wickr.

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    You're going to show customers order photos?

    What'a stopping LE from placing an order to see pictures? Don't take pictures standing outside your house. That's a dumb excuse.
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    You misspelled Intro in the title. If you can't get that right no one should buy injectable substances from you.
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    You're right. Sorry been a long day and just trying to squeeze this "INTO" in on new source Friday.
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    The risk of posting our whole operation to please the masses simply isn't worth the risk.
    Once established, we will most likely elect to not provide pictures of any kind.
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    No pics huh?
    And once again we are left just taking another sources word that they have products to sale, without any proof.
    Seems like you’ve been reading how things are on here (or been here before).
    Already trying to dance around posting pics and using the same excuse as every other scamming sources before you.
    Good luck, you’re gonna need it :rolleyes:.
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    email me mate, I would love to provide you with pictures through there.
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    Too late. Scrap this thread. Try again.
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  9. New source Friday never disappoints, does it?

    Let's see what you got "Majesty Labs" or would you like to be referred to as one of the other failed names that you've tried here?

    Which one are you? That will be the fun part to figure out.

    i made up new source Friday a long time ago, yet you adhere to it like it's an official rule. The last couple of "labs" that blew through did the same thing. That definitely narrows it down, quite a bit.

    There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that you were here in the last 60 days under another handle.

    BUT, let's play along and pretend you're new.
    First order of business. Pics, now!

    If you can't provide pics of stock and at least some of your brewing equipment by this time tomorrow, then pack it up.

    No more fucking excuses from you bathtub brewers. None of this private showing bull shit. You want to source on Meso, then ALL of Meso gets to see your pics.

    Clock's ticking, "new guy". :rolleyes:
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    No offense, but unless I’m placing an order or have an issue about an order that I’ve made then I don’t use my email.
    I’m more of a community type guy than a one on one when it comes to sources. What I mean is, I believe basic information when it comes to trying to establish yourself here should be out in the open for everyone to see.
    See we have a good bunch of fellas here that know how to dig and are great at outing scammers and shit sources.
    So, the way I see it, I can see why you’d want to do things in email instead of out in the open on the board. Less likely to be outed by a single person here and there than having everyone looking into your operation.
    Of course this is just my opinion. You have your ways @Majesty Labs ,but I have mine.
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    OP if you are serious about getting off to a good start here at Meso I strongly encourage you to read the Pharmatech thread in this forum. If you already have you know this approach to posting pictures, as well as not even mentioning your testing of raws and products, will not lead to success. Fix this stuff NOW. @jaymaximus, @bolder and @MisterSuperGod were remarkably restrained above. Worse feedback will come. Also a show of good faith by making a contribution to AnabolicLabs.com would be a great idea.
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  12. Missed this the first time around.

    Consider yourself finished before you even got started.
    We're not playing these fucking games anymore.
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    Source Dont want to post pictures b/c you guys do back google search and then you guys find the original picture.. not nice from you guys. Haha o_O
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    Hmmm...and this is...just another attempt to scam members!!! Fun fun fun! No pictures or proof of product and your thread has had a shorter half life than TNE. Your intro reminds me of.....oh let me see...the Gear Factory, Colossal...and the list will go on. You've read threads? You know what we ask? You refuse and expect business....sorry sir the customer is ALWAYS right. So the name Majesty is down....what will you come up with next?
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    Do not buy from this lab @Majesty Labs!
    Will not post pics of inventory, filters, brewing set-up! What’s your tren look like mate? Haha.
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    Your lab is destined to fail here at meso. There are a couple fairly new startups here that are building a fairly good reputation. I’m not going to say which ones but they went through the vetting process and have played by our rules. I suggest you browse our underground and see how a proper UGL introduction is done.You can talk out of your ass all you want but without pics, and testing, your going to need step.
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    He might say green ;)
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    I must admit I came into your opening thread close minded. Then as I began to read it seemed as though you did your homework and my attitude started to change. Could this be source with all the little ducks lined up in a row?
    Then I read your product list. Nothing to crazy. Just your basic gear and orals. But where are the prices? Odd
    I soon realized your reasoning behind that was to have a promo sale. So in the midst of you using a total of 7 exclamation points to make your sale seem like a shitty 1980’s used car commercial, you the went on to confirm your understanding of how Meso works with the acknowledgement that we want photos of equipment, stock, and yes you even mentioned titties.
    (I began to think this lab might really have its shit together)
    Following that understanding came a big ‘HOWEVER’. You texted a couple reasons why you have concerns about LE and not posting pics but you basically should of been a man and worded it correctly.
    i.e. “HOWEVER, I don’t give a fuck. I’m not posting pics because quite frankly I have no gear, no lab, and no business. I will take what little money I can from dumb users until I get the boot because I was born a scammer and will die a lowlife scammer. Then in a couple weeks I will be back under a new handle and try again.”
    And then BAM. Your Intro (INTO) ended.
    No testing. Not even a mention of the quality of your raws or product. No blood work. Not even a mention of mass spec.
    Long story short, just kill yourself now.