Used Properly Are Steroids Safe ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by lou123, Jan 18, 2007.

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    lou123 Junior Member

    I always see post telling newbies that they need to train for 3-5 years before using steroids. The fact is most people who are into training in there early 20's will not be in the gym by the time they hit 27. Long hours at work, marriage, kids, etc will take it's toll.

    That being said what is wrong with people learning how to use steroids correctly and doing say one or two cycles of 500mg of T a week for 8 weeks after only training for a year and being over age 20 ?

    Since most believe the drugs are harmless ( and used in that dose with proper pct they are) so what is wrong with letting young kids enjoy the gym and the muscle while they can ?

    I don't really believe anyone who has there mind set on using steroids is going to listen to anyone here and put it off for 3 years or even 3 months so why not just convince them to use the safest cycle they can and with proper PCT.

    In my own personal case I trained for 5 years before I used them but was still only 155lbs at 5 foot 8. First cycle was supposed to be anavar only (1988 at age 20) but I got a drug from Searle that was marked Nelevar (not Nilevar) and said it contained 2.5 mg of Oxandrolone. As per what was popular at that time I did a pyramid for 10 weeks. I gained 40 lbs from the drug which i later found out was really NILEVAR, I was taking 10 pills a day which was a good dose for Anavar but insane for Nilevar. No PCT because I had never heard of it and I was up 25 lbs 12 weeks after the cycle. I did a 2 more cycles of CYP and one with Cyp and Laurabolin and was at 205 by 1991 off drugs. I decided to quit because my life was changing but I had so much fun those years which according to some I had no right being on drugs. I can also say for sure if I never used the drugs I would not have continued to train for the next 17 years.

    Now 17 years later I came across a source for legit upjohn T and do one 500 mg/10 week cycle a year with proper PCT.

    All we had to go buy back then was the dealer and the underground steroid handbook. Today all the info you need is minutes away
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    Weatherlite Junior Member

    One reason why you want to wait is that for many men (not all obviously) the body has not finished tweaking the hormones yet. It is VERY typical for men in their mid 20's (studies have suggested up to 26 years of age) to STILL be going through hormonal changes! Say the body has it planned that it will finally settle on a proper amount of T in the system at age 25 but at age 22 you start using exogenous T. This tricks the body into thinking that it has reached that stage early so it will no longer be adjusting the T, even when you come off of the cycle. If you had a level of 500 out of 1000 before the cycle you will go right back to it with proper pct, yes, BUT the body MAY not ever bring it up to the optimum level it was wanting to achieve by age 25. Make sense?

    Now this is not exactly the way it works and it wouldn't be this way for everyone but it is what happens to many people. Are they happy and healthy still? Sure. But could they be healthier and happier? Most likely.

    But, I agree thst if you know someone is going to do it no matter what then they might as well be educated properly on it.
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    The_Eviscerator Junior Member

    I agree... I started when I was 28 and had 12 years of training under my belt. I see guys who started in their early 20's or teens and they are a mess. Their natural hormonal leves have been irrepairably damaged.
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    novicebb Member

    The amount of years of training has nothing to do with your age after you reach your mid 20's. It has more to do with the fact that you will get better results from previous years of training then when you don't train.

    Yes you can potentially limit your maximum amount of bound test and free test circulating in your system but introduction of exogenous androgens at any age will put your system out of balance- although men in there 40's and up may benefit more from lower dosages then someone in their 20's and early to mid 30's.

    When you are taking steriods you should know some of the risks involve and there are risks involved no matter if you are 21 or if you are 61. The goal are to lower those chances of risks and adverse side effects during and way after the use of AAS.
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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    22 is the earliest i would start, thats what I did

    I'm fine
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    Reinheart Member

    I am 19 and for my first cycle i used anavar and andriol. No probs so far and my T levels are just fine. Probably due to the fact that both are "safe" roids. Especially Anavar. In some cases it's given to teenagers. I think that it's a good cycle for begginers (of a young age). Would I do another cycle? Probably not right now because i'm way too young. I can be patient and suite my self with tribulus. :)
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    Bigkarch Member

    there are sides and problems with any drug you aas safe..depends....depends on you and your body......most here dont use safely ie, medically supervised.....trial and error is what we do.....

    are aas safe........yes and no....
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    jsupstarz Junior Member

    Listen it is really intriguing for a 17 yo, to pack on 20 lbs of muscle and become the star of the football team etc. I did my first cycle at 17 and my tendons are absolute shit now i am 24. And I think it stunted my bone height. If i could have done again I probably would of waited til at least 20 or 21, just to give my bod;y time to "solidify" itself. I love gear don't get me wrong but I would be much happier at the gym w/out injuries and aches and pains for the last 6 years.
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    lou123 Junior Member

    My post said over age 20 to start.
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    Thickneck Member

    I didn't do my 1st cycle till I was 34-35. Imo anyone in their 20's should have a good supply of test in them. Your doctor can check your levels. My natural level is 212, which is low, and that was 2-3 years ago.
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    USHL Prospect

    USHL Prospect Junior Member

    hey I am a hockey player and I need to gain about 25 pounds in the next couple of months......all in muscle and mass. Is there any steroid that is 100% safe if taken properly that you are aware of and can lead me to so I can get started?

    feel free to email me too
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    bigrobbie Member

    Bro your asking to get ripped off by posting your email. Don't do it...asking for SPAM.

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