Using a single compound to see how it works !!

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    Anyone here who uses or have used one single compound alone to see what it does to you ?? I am a Rich Piana fan and hi did say something in a video on youtube about using a single compound alone to see how it works and what it will do to you. He was referring to the web and that everyone say this and that without trying it out them self. Anyone have something to say around this topic ??

    Thanks !!
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    Here is the video.

    [ame=]rich piana on cycles - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Sometimes you gotta guinea pig yourself...It's not right or wrong, per say, but do you want to run Var alone for 6 weeks just to see what it does, or would you rather stack it with some test and something else like tren or mast and really get the effects of a full stacked cycle.

    I've run a lot of 2 compound cycles - test w/ whatever else. That's a good way to see what other things will do to you IMO. Back in the day, it was mostly cost reasons for me, but it did let me know how I react to a lot of different drugs.
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    I agree to the test base but i know tren and Deca are to strong compounds that works well alone without test. Was just curious if anyone here have been experimenting with single compounds alone. Drols,dbol and winny are used by many users alone with great results to.
  5. When I ran tren alone, my dick stopped working after a few weeks. No bueno when you're 23. I added some test to the mix, and viola - the infamous tren dick.
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    I think most people play it safe and at least use a trt level of test when trying a new compound. Otherwise it's not a realistic application since you're not just adding a new compound, but also removing your natural baseline level of test. It's like taking the wheels off a car and then trying to test the performance increase of a new supercharger. Not going to get very applicable numbers from it.
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    He he i get your point and i agree. Back in the day i used to cruise on 400 mg Deca alone. And i did this with great results. Was using Norma 2ml/200 mg vials. Had no problems with sexy drive.
  8. Yeah bro, I don't know, something happens when we get older to.

    I ran plenty of Deca/Dbol cycles back in the day, and I never had dick problems. When I had that incident with tren, it was quite the ego crusher!!

    I wouldn't risk it these days. The ol' lady would be pretty pissed if I was looking all jacked up, but a limp dick [:eek:)]
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    I have your back :D What do you think about Proviron ? Proviron are great for sex drive and should be included in all cycles i think ??
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    I ran EQ alone when I didn't know any better and in week 6 my dick was absolutely crushed.
    I had not the ability nor desire for sex.
    I was single at the time so it wasn't too much of a big deal so I just kept running it for 10 weeks @ 400mg ew.
    I went into it at about 8% bf and my diet was iron, I also ran every day.
    The results were exactly what I wanted, all I cared about back then was cut vascularity and that is exactly what I got.

    I looked great ,as long as my shirt was off. With clothes on you would ask if I even lift?
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    i ran tbol alone for 2 weeks in summer for shits and giggles and gained 16 lbs. definitely need to try it on a real cycle lol
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    ^^^^ Most orals works alone but would probably work better in a cycle stacked with test,,... I know many guys who not like to inject and them do oral cycles with dbol or drols with great results..
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    Damn 16 lbs in 2 weeks.
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    You sure you didn't have a-bombs?
    I ran t-bol alone for 5 weeks at 60mg ed and gained about 4lbs. Strength was awesome though.
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    It helps to know what is causing what and what to stack together but I did it mainly
    Out of brokeness lawl
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    Don't you just love it when somebody who is using ,test,primo,tren,var,winny,npp comment how great the primo is???????????????
    I wouldn't know what was working more less pin point one compound.

    Off season mass cycle i try to only use 2 compounds one being test.......
    Other being npp or deca ,eq,tren,but not all at once .
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    I've been saying this for years now.. How do you know which steroid your taking is doing what if you take a bunch at a time..
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    well, to me it is kind of irrelevant what one single steroid does when done by itself, it is more important for me to know what a well planned and thought out synergistic mixture does, that is all that matters to me
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    i mean i only kept 3 or 4 lbs from it if i remember right. i was primed by cutting and then bulked hard the entire time on it so i was up 5 lbs in 2 days then added almost a pound each day.

    but i got leaner and it was all glycogen. my bench went up a lot but i didn't even hve time to PR on other lifts.

    it was legitimate tbol from a well established and very respected lab. i used 80 mg for 15 days.
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    The prime is a very productive way to cycle. I think most people aren't that disciplined though.