Using PO box or Own Address

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  1. Turtle

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    I have heard many members say they use a PO box to receive their shipments. Is there any benefit to this over using your own address? I heard PO boxes take your ID to get one so to me it doesn't seem any better unless your home address gets flagged and you gotta use a new one. So to me it makes sense to use your home address until you get your first letter of seizure then switch to a PO box.

    Do you use your real name when using a PO box?
    If you use your home address do you use a fake name but real address?

    This help would be used for me making international orders, as I don't have a domestic source. I have heard domestic is safer.
  2. xy5jn0

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    I don't think a PO box provides any benefits security wise. You aren't going to achieve any anonymity by using one.
    Using fake names only opens you up to the chance your pack gets returned as "addressee unknown" by the post office.
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  3. I just use my address with a fake name. Im in Canada tho, a bit less sketchy but there's still a risk. Im sure plenty of guys on here do it to their house too
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  4. Sk8man101

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    I use a po box.
    You can't use a fake name with a po box, you have to provide two different forms of ID to even make one.
  5. Big_paul

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    I have used a PO Box for years. I use it because the package is locked up where no one can steal it. Other than that, I don't see any benefit.
  6. SmallWoody

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    Address is good if you order small. dont order pounds of powder and what not
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  7. Sk8man101

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    There's really no difference except you won't have your packages showing up at your house.
    I like mine.
  8. JackC4

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    If you use a 24hr facility you can pick it up as soon as you won't or let it sit if you think something's off, one of the only benefits. Unless a a sig is required
  9. Devil3

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    Interesting thread...I'm out of my city a lot so I let my buddies handle a lot of my affairs; both sending to the rep and receiving parcels. I use flex delivery to CP usually as my mailbox is small, so it gets crowded easily, but it's through my buddies account. The address on the flex delivery will be a PO box with your personal identifying number. They'll see the city and postal code of the post office, but if your sketched out by having your personal address known, this is a good option. You do have to include your real name, there is no getting around that as CP needs to check your drivers license when you pick it up. You are however, able to only put down your first initial, and than your last name, that'll fly. Safe and free.

    For personal deliveries to your home address, as long as sig isn't required call yourself Hawood Jablowme it doesn't really matter. Just make sure there isn't a doubt in your mind the parcel can fit in your mailbox because if you need to go pick it up later at the post office and the recipients name isn't yours, good luck getting your goodies.
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  10. AnTabolic73

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    Post offices by me have really large p.o. boxes, that uses a key that won't release after you unlock it. If somethings too big to fit in your own box, they put a key in it. Take the key to the larger boxes and remove package.
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  11. AnTabolic73

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    The only reason I'm considering a p.o. box, is to not implicate anyone else I live with.
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  12. Devil3

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    Po's are great. And for the price it's totally worth it. I used to have one a couple years ago, chose the smallest option and it worked great. A lot of people prefer to send to PO boxes as well, so I've heard.
  13. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Like I said before I love mine.
    Idk if it really matters but if I am ever really worried about a package I can just let it sit there for a week and then go pick it up in the middle of the night.
    Also I've never had to sign with my pobox, not sure why.
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  14. AnTabolic73

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    Yea I'm getting one.

    Probably next week. I'm gonna go with the second to smallest size. I think it's $72 a year.
  15. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Nah man go with the smallest.
    Your only using it for packages right? All packages bigger than envelopes go into the bigger "community" type boxes anyways and they just leave a key to it in your personal pobox.
    Just like the one for your house if you have a neighborhood mailbox.
  16. AnTabolic73

    AnTabolic73 Member

    You don't think it'd be weird, to only receive one or 2 packs a year? I was thinking of routing all my mail there.
  17. Sk8man101

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    I don't think so.
    Sign yourself up for some junk mail shit using your pobox as an address instead of your home address.
  18. master.on

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    Both may work for small orders
    the problem with the fake name, same address is that some mailmen know the people living in their route, so they may return a package with another name. Some use a different first name, but with a matching last name. Still incriminating imo.

    All PO boxes require an ID

    Best thing is too
    1 have it relabeled as something else
    2 use a lesser known courier even if expensive
    I briefly worked at UPS and I can tell you that some truck drivers even get christmas presents as they are well known for their nice service.
    Fedex slightly better
    Maybe DHL or some other one with relatively little market share?
    pretty same for small amounts

    Now for larger (kilo) amounts
    DISCLAIMER Im not condoning or advocating to break and law. Info just for bullshitional purposes...
    They should have a third world country remailer.

  19. Munky

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    As long as you don't have extra heat for something Iike selling dope or have a sketchy mail delivery guy I don't think you are under surveillance I would not lose sleep over it , now if you are hooking up other guys on top of your own shit don't let them know how you get your goods , it would be really hard for law enforcement to get a search warrant in the time the package hits your door step , unless they really got a hard on to bust your ass they ain't coming ever.
  20. Big dog

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    Yep my local PO lets you access it 24/7. Go at night....