using research liquid finasteride topically

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by napaulm, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. napaulm

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    yeah, its not a gear question but there's people way smarter here than me, so i ask.
    can the rc chem liquid version of fina be used topically, as its already dissolved? i'd just have add it to a certain amt. of other solution to make the proper dose?
  2. master.on

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    IDK about finasteride
    but minoxidil needs an ethanol + propylene glycol at certain concentrations to be properly absorbed.
    It doesn't do much if dissolved in plain water.
  3. penche

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    Maaan you’re Fukin with a medication that can quickly kill your dick or desire to have sex. finasteride is nothing to sneeze at if mistakenly dosed. If I were in your shoes buy pharma grade and take the lowest dose until you’re comfortable and have normal sexual desire and function. Best of luck bud
  4. LeoTC

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    I'd just go full Walter White before I touched that shit. Grow a fucking beard instead.
  5. skinnyman

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    finasteride didn't kill my sexdrive or anything.
    You have to take it orally. Also if you want to keep your hair do not stop taking that stuff and also use topical minoxidil.
  6. master.on

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    Systemic absorption (circulating in the blood) is negligible with topical application, thus side effects are unlikely.