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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by andysutils, Oct 26, 2008.

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    andysutils Member

    Hi all, i had a lot of comments from guys elsewhere that tren ace alone at 100mg a day can be used for a cycle with not really a lot of side effects.

    what to you guys think about this? or does it supress the bodies testosterone meaning something like test ethanate would be benificial for stacking?
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    AKS22 Junior Member

    Hey, i'm about to start some tren ace too. I was gonna run it alone, but after A LOT of research, its just so much better to run at least a low dose of test a week with it. Im gonna run test prop, but if you dont wana do that many injections, run some test E even 250/week. Tren will shut you down HARD if you dont add some test.
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    arctic wolverine

    arctic wolverine Junior Member

    1 cc of each EOD in the same dart for 8 weeks, but use the prop, mixing the two together takes the sting out of the prop. this is a great combo. I've done it many times together and is probably my favorite combo. kick in some masteron at the end, awesome!
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    southbond Junior Member

    I've tried to run tren alone and it shut me down right away. No good.
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    solo47 Member

    You've already got daily or maybe EOD injects with Tren a. You won't be increasing injections by adding Test p to the syringe.

    (Yeah, now I see Arctic Wolverine already mentioned this.:eek:)

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    RockHard Junior Member

    I included tren 8 weeks in to a 12 week cycle. At 8 weeks my nuts were still plump, two weeks after introducing tren my nuts were soft and felt like little damp cotton balls in my scrotum...i blamed it on the tren.
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    HDH Member

    I ran it 700mg EW by itself in the past and won't do it again. Do yourself a favor and add some Test.

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    dannyj Junior Member

    I love my tren, but if you dont add test you will have problems. Just make sure you run more test then tren. I like the combo. I am on it now and getting good solid gains. 100 eod of tren and 500 test sust ( 250 two times per week) I put test in same pin as tren. when i do the test and tren I use my glutes because its a larger shot. I only have to hit the same spot 1 time a week this way. That way I don't feel like a pin cushion.
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    HDH Member

    I'm good with higher tren than Test. It's something you will have to see for yourself.


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