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    So usually you just pump it thru open it and put it in the syringe and put it in a vial with a draw needle and put in the stuff , but i was wondering if i take out the rubber piece and just put the 10mls in and put rubber piece back and clamp it back together would it contaminate it because of air ? or would it be fine because i wanted to make atleast 10-20 vials this time instead of making 1-2 each time and save me some time and i was thinking wouldnt it be fine since you open the vacuum anyways if air really contaminated it then we would be all fucked
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    If you are using a bottle top filter and sealed sterile vials why wouldn't you just dispense the oil through the stopper into the vials. There isn't a reason to decrimp a sterile vial and then cap it again.
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    The premise is you are working in sterile environment. So the transfer or opening of the media bottle doesn't allow in bacteria or germs.

    If you are taking sealed sterile vials, unsealing them, filling and resealing... That's AlOT of steps .

    If you don't have the ability to sterilie the vials, just use the pre-sterilized vials .keep it simple.