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    So I'm considering geting one and decided to buying already sterilized bottles instead of doing it myself , I've always stuck by using a chalk gun and it is a pain , wondering has anyone used this , I see you just pump the stuff to the bottom but after how does it work when you want to transfer it to a vial do you have to open the top and pump it back in a syringes and transfer it, won't it contaminate since your opening the lid and air will affect it or it won't matter ?
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    Yes you draw it out with a syringe and transfer.
    No you won't contaminate anything as long as you work quickly and are in a clean environment with no heavy air flow.
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    The most important thing is to keep your brewing environment as clean as possible. Close off any near by air ducts to keep from kicking up dander . Dont brew your gear with your dog sitting in your lap :D you know just use common sense.

    Guys freak out about exposing their gear to the open air thinking that it's immediately going to be contaminated. The reality is in most cases you would really have to be an idiot or just a filthy mf'r to contaminate your brew .

    If you honestly think that the majority of ugl's are taking all the extra precautions to prevent contamination you're very naive. Most are probably filter with a .45 to save time and money and transferring staight into unsterilized serum vials . Not all of them but I guarantee the majority of the smaller labs cut these corners regularly. And im not advocating skipping a bunch of steps , follow the standard procedure as laid out in tons of threads here in the brew forum . Just understand if you want 100% sterile gear spend the money and buy pharma. And even then pharma companies dont have a 100% track record either lol
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    new England compounding center.
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    A nationwide Fungul meningitis outbreak , Jesus :eek: ... Thats the first time I saw anything about the one , but yeah my point exactly lol :oops:
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    It was about as bad as it can get on a professional level. Unreal when you stop and think about it. The people that have all the money and resources in the world let that happen.
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    I dunno if it makes me feel better or worse that the supervising pharmacist was an absolute piece of shit . On one hand its nice to know if the procedures had been followed things like this are very unlikely to ever happen . Then on the other hand it just goes to show scum bags are everywhere , and sometimes even the people making your medicine smh ...
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    You may wish to make your own glovebox
    and clean it with sanitizing fluids (i.e. alcohol) just before brewing.
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    You can use a septa cap (google septa discs & gl45 open top pbt cap).
    Another way I was thinking about is simulating bunsen burner aseptic technique with a bbq lighter or torch. If you've taken some chemistry classes you'll know what I'm talking about. Just run the flame around the area for a bit. Ideally you'll want a bunsen burner running near you to create a updraft but for our purposes we don't really need one.

    Transfer the media into a sterile beaker with aluminum foil over it. Then pour it into each vial and cap. You could probably run a flame around each vial just before you transfer it if you're paranoid.

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  10. I know you’re a big fan of these but they’re kind of not that good. I used to use one when I grew mushrooms and shit would still get contaminated.