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    For those of you running one how have you plumbed it so you can see and adjust actually psi

    Are you using a psi gauge or an “electric vacuum gauge”

    Lol can’t figure this shit out :facepalm:
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    Please check the pump and filter specs

    Most filters are safe up to 14 psi vacuum
    some pumps will never achieve such vacuum, thus safe to be left on nonstop
    while other pumps will easily burst the filter membrane, thus needing a vacuum gauge, and close a valve or temporarily shut down the pump.
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    Wtf are you even talking about?
    Have you used a vacuum pump?
    Your response has absolutely nothing to do with what I asked.
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    I can’t plumb the vacuum pump to read how much psi it is pulling from the filter.

    Does it make sense now ?
    No matter how I hook that mfer up it doesn’t work.
    I’m clearly missing something.
    Perhaps it is the type of gauge I am using?
    Or I am overlooking something obvious
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    Plug a vaccum gauge with a Tee fitting just before the filter inlet
    Make sure it's a low vacuum gauge
    i.e. it will be difficult to accurately read 5 psi on a gauge dial that goes up to 200 psi.
    Make sure you add hose clamps, so hoses don't get loose.
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    No bro I had a low psi gauge. It didn’t work. I also tried an actual pressure regulator.
    Trust me the whole shit mind boggled me hence why I made the post. Because it doesn’t make any sense.
    I have a whole new psi regulator on the way.
    The needle never moved on either of the old ones.
    Neither went up to 200psi
    One was 30 and the other was a similar low volume.
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    Please check
    1 to see if you have a leak somewhere
    2 check the pump specs to see how much vacuum it can pull.
    With a 30 psi gauge, you should at least see the needle move.
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    No leaks took it apart thread taped everything.
    2.5cfm vac
    Ordered a different gauge oil filled one for pulling.

    It works now.
    Had the wrong damn gauge and standard pressure regulators don’t work.

    So for anyone reading this who is new to vac. Pumps and such you need a gauge that the needle moves from right to left (for pulling I assume) although logic would say you would just connect a regulator backwards and it “should” read .... it doesn’t work.

    I didn’t read anything on meso noting any of this so I hope this helps someone who stumbles upon it.

    Thanks for trying to help master.on
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    For what it's worth I . I bought a cheap set of A/c manifold gauges and took apart then use the low side ( blue) gauges and then the manifold I used to regulate the vacuum presure . And that also helps prevent anything coming through from pump . Has worked perfectly . I recently added another filter so oil goes through 2 filters before finished . Probably a over kill . But I like the peace of mind of knowing that it's as clean as I can get it.
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    Has anyone used or currently uses a Buchner filter the one where you just change the filter disk . I have always used the Foxx auto fill filter( 500 ml) . But ivI' been thinking about trying the buchnBu set up. The only thing that concerns me the most and I've heard others mention this too. Is that buying the filter disk can be risky because alot of them come from China and they might say the filters are .22um but might not be . And hard to tell the difference .
    Just curious if any one has used this set up and if the have a solid place to get the filter disk .
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  12. master.on

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    IMO stay away from Buchners
    as oil can leak beneath the membrane
    leaving oil unfiltered without you even realizing it.

    IMO syringe filters work fine for personal use, even at high dosages
    for anything larger, go straight to Whatman Polycaps instead of Zapcaps.
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  13. @master.on whats the reasoning for poly caps instead of typical bottle tops ?
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    First, the Polycaps filter area is bigger = longer lasting until clogged

    Second Polycaps can be run with positive pressure, with no need for vacuum pumps.
    Even a bicycle tire pump can help.

    Third Polycaps are more rugged and leakproof, you just add a hose and a hoseclamp and that's it.
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  15. @master.on any idea how much volume you can run through one ?
  16. superbane

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    you’re taking a setup procedure out of context.

    Have you used a Buchner?
    I recall in another thread you were asked a very similar question.

    Why not just tell the person the type of set up you use and why.

    I have a second Buchner setup that the situation you’re talking about isn’t even possible. Period. Period. Not possible. You’d see Jesus first.

    Better to just give first hand experience than to interject bias.

    I could compare and contrast filter prices to fit an agenda.
    Pvdf .22 for a $1 a piece vs how much for all that other shit?

    Again it’s just personal preference.

    I don’t recall have any leak down problems with Buchner in high school either.

    After you understand how to set one up this is a non issue.
    It’s about as valid as applying too much psi and blowing through a filter with other setups.
    The only reason I even ran into trouble recently vs hs is I pieced all of the supplies together off of eBay and had some mismatched components.

    The only consumables I have with my new setup is filters. No leaks. It isn’t possible.
    I’ll enjoy the $1 a piece filters and you can continue to slam buchners but how about you make a new thread to do so?
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    Very curious about the buncher setup as well.

    If you buy filters in bulk straight from an American source you should have a problem. Buy one large order to last a year and it won't throw a flag. the bay and 2day place have some setups for under $40. if you save $10 a brew for the glass you'll repay in 5 brews.