Vacuume filter and contamination time

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Kinezz, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Kinezz

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    So guys normally when you filter thru the cup I wanted to make atleast 500mls this time and obviously don't have syringes that big I was wonder the minute I open the cup how much time will I have before It can contaminate or will it be fine for me to put the needle back in draw and put it in another bottle aslong as I'm not in a dirty environment can I just open it draw and twist the cap back to close it together and open it again everytime or just keep it open whole I'm filling up my bottles to get some more cheers fellas
  2. Grandpa Gainz

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    Order some Septa caps. It’s like the top of a vial. A rubber piece that u stick the needles thru and the bottle is sealed. I wouldn’t want my gear exposed to contamination! Good luck.
    Mediab supply has them. Like $8
    Good luck.
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  3. Monstar

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    Septa caps are killer. In a pinch you can draw 10ml and fill a normal sterile vial then just use those until you need to replenish.

    As an aside, you'll realize just how much 500ml is when you do this!
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  4. Kinezz

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    Was wondering though when I open the cup how much time will I have before It can contaminate cheers
  5. Grandpa Gainz

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    There’s so many variables can’t really give a correct answer. When you take the bottle top off media bottle, have your septa cap set-up ready to install. So it should only be exposed to dust and other containment’s for a couple seconds. Which seems pretty safe imho....
  6. Evom1

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    Literally could contaminate in seconds
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  7. Kinezz

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    So the little 22um filters are alot safer than vacuume I'm guessing
  8. Monstar

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    What is good about a syringe filter is that you go from sterile pin (with nonsterile solution at this point) through the sterilizing filter and directly into a sterile sealed vial. I like that control a lot.

    Is it "a lot" safer...not really unless your room/environment sucks horribly but at the margin maybe a tad as it's a closed chain of sterility. That said it's a full on righteous pain in the ass too.
  9. master.on

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    To be on the safe side
    buy or build a glovebox

    For sterility, spray it with 70% alcohol or a commercial, medical sanitizing fluid
    allow to fully evaporate before use.