Validation of UGL. Is it possible even?

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    Millard, I am wondering about this. What are your thoughts on why independent testing and reference has gone away, and no longer available when it appears that user will simply persist in purchasing from UGL. Even really illicit drug trafficing has proven this at the demand base historically. So do you forcast any return of some of the things I mention below...

    This was my post is a thread around here:

    Funny how your english degraded from you initial clean and prestine review of the site. So what I gather is the clear any obvious beginning of "concerned advertisers".. LOL And its interesting that the OP calls out an opposition that is(appears) so subversive that he appears to be attempting to undermine the site by indicating a false time history. And your defence, however appearing to be presented by a different person from the original poster under this sceen name, looks good.

    So we can assume the OP and his site are legitimate. Now the question will be CS and will there be a reship policy with letter..? But wouldnt be interesting if "Commercials" have become that elaborate with other intent. I hope the world has not truly gone there.!

    (I am only giving my interpretation of this exhange and not endorsing either way...)

    But interestingly notable, I have to wonder the intentions of this facet of the site. Why would LE not be looking to find all legits here. Thus they are now here more than ever?? Further, it will require some creative shipping to get by when so many are watching. And this works till the volume is high enough that the US just cuts open every single package from the suspected country of origin. Then again, the US is a melting pot, so perhaps it takes a fairly high threshold to justify flaggin packages at end route local post offices in the US. But really, even if the OP is legit, it always a cycle of "windows" of opportunity at best, and when these windows start to close, it gets ugly on both ends.

    EVEN if the site is legit, Even if the products get though customs for an extended to develop a good rep - HOW DO WE ESTABLISH THE VALIDITY OF THE PRODUCTS? It would seem that there remains a strong need for an independent lab to operate for end users who are hell bent on ordering UGL, so that safety and purity can be addressed. It seems like their was one in california in the mid 90's that closed due to polictical headaches. But if the goal is SAFETY, and I HONESTLY THINK that safety is a large priority with regard to US legal regulation (obviously), would it not behove to have an independent lab like that back in business in the US...? And then why not Bill Llewellyn also include a section in his book that reports on the quality of samples from UGL? to work in conjuection as anonymous. I think his reputation could validate him as a source, if he could be sure the data from the lab, and if the lab could be sure the source of the sample. I think I will reiterate the question in thread now...:)
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    There aren't as many incentives as you think. I don't think safety is necessarily the goal of legislation that involves steroids. The law tends to be punitive instead.

    Bill Llewellyn did the testing. You would have expected it to be a good thing, right. Well, the book didn't sell that well. His reputation was attacked from multiple angles by various people with a vested interested in not having lab tests publicly reported; those people used their clout to persuade/manipulate lots of other people on the forums. Personally, I don't think Bill will every try it again on such a large scale.

    People tend to be very defensive of their UGL sources - they are cheap, they usually have some active ingredient in them. Even if they're way underdosed, it's cheap enough people to take more until they see results.

    Legit sources with legit products often turn bad or at least go through cycles. This may not even be entirely within their control. It is the nature of the black market. The best someone can hope for is to find that "window", as you put it, when everything is sunny in source land. But it will change more often than not.

    The only way to really get close to validity the quality of a product if with repeated, random testing over time. Anonymous and randomly test a given product from a particular source at least 15-20 times per year.

    This is just too costly. Most people would rather spend $500 on questionable gear and take chance that it is good (or more appropriately 'good enough') to given them desired results THAN spend $500 on testing the products to see if they're good before they buy them. And odds have generably been favorable for those pursuing the first option.

    Most people who are really concerned about the quality of UGLs will simply do what it takes to get (at least what they think are) human grade products. Even then the issue of counterfeiting makes it difficult. Even UGLs are counterfeited.

    The demand is here to stay. UGL aren't going away. They will continue to thrive as long as AAS are criminalized especially when laws and enforcement work in their favor.
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    Some UGL's do analyse their products on a regular basis and pay analytical guys monthly very good to ensure their quality. Of course these are only the biggest labs.
    Once the API manufacturers know a lab analyses its products you'll see the quality increasing hand over hand.
    Analysing is very expensive and when you don't protect your analyses by tagging they go over the entire internet. just what happened to our book, the analyses where scanned in and posted on the boards before the book had a chance to break even.

    I'll start opening some PDF's and post them.. here some old (2009) labresults just before the book came out.

    Old USA UgLab tests |