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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ★Valkyrie★, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. hi , fellow menbers.

    been a while that we haven't participate in the underground section of MESO , and so for many reasons that concerns our marketing strategy and adaptation due to a bunch of forumers behavors ...

    But since Anaboliclabs has appeared , and that is now the ''BRAND CHECKER'' , it will be for us a chance to prove that we offer products with relevant quality .

    Promoting anything earlier on here was for us a lost cause due to some forumers behavors , we learnt it and we had to take a step back .

    For us the anaboliclabs projects is a completely change in the GAME , and untill we get our Brand name tested, we will ask our current customers to post their blood Test or Reviews about our products and our service.

    We greatly invite our current customers to leave a review on this thread untill we are fully complies to the SCOC .
  2. Eman

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  3. we are preparing everthing to make it in one post , as you would agree , some pictures are requested and we need to make sure that our operations will not be in danger.. a video mitgh be soon available less than a month .

    Trenbolone Base below :

  4. [​IMG]
  5. biglumber69

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    You should. Already have the pictures and everything ready to go before you made this thread. We should not have to wait a month. You should have waited a month before starting this thread. Also you can send your own shit to simec to get tested and if anabolic labs test your gear it is a plus. Don't be cheap pay for the test your self.
  6. shits has already been sent for Tests : source checks: valkyrie and anabolic anarchy? | Page 2 | MESO-Rx Forum

    we ordered sophisticated tests for 3 differents products ,that also detecting for traces contamnation ..

    also note, as having our banner on the top corner of meso, we consider ourselves as major contributor of the forum in addition to AnabolicLabs ..
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    Your banner on these forums has zero to do with the quality of your product. It buys you no favor in that respect and if it did I would no longer post here if that's the case.
  8. biglumber69

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    Thanks for the banner but you should still have all the photos ready before starting thread. You knew it was going to be asked for. Why say we should have it in a month. It should have alredy beem taking care of.Plus I support anabloic labs you can see my banner. LOL.
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    1st off, before you try to do business anywhere, learn to spell. Its a put off to do business with dumb people. And thats with anything in life, not just AAS.

    2nd, dont come in whining about our members behavior already. If you got your shit straight then youre good. You already sound like a punk.
  10. i requested to get the status of anaboliclab supporter, i meant i m not supporting only the forum , but i also support the anaboliclabs project as donator ;)
  11. rrippenstuff

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    I heard only bad things about your gear.
    Do you guys have anything published or labs ?
    I also heard your way under dosed and your prices are super high.
    Heard shipping time isn't real good too.
    Can you explane ?
    Also if I were going to order from over seas it would be with gbnstore.com big tom is the shit ...why makes you stand out and what makes your gear better?
    Any lab pics?
    Where dose your raw come from?
  12. rrippenstuff

    rrippenstuff Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Anaboliclab is awesome !!
    If you get it done there you will earn a little credit .
    The best thing to do is make a huge donation to them and have your gear tested regularly
    That could help you in the long run.
    But as of now we have some real good domestic sources that are putting out a real real good product , much much cheaper than you.
  13. rrippenstuff

    rrippenstuff Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    No disrespect intended .
  14. rrippenstuff

    rrippenstuff Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Which country are u based In?
  15. rrippenstuff

    rrippenstuff Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Do u have any proof of that?
    And your prices are 37.9%higher on most products than domestic sources also your shipping is $25
    You have kinda priced your self out of the market why would someone wait 7-10 days and pay more shipping with almost 38% more for the items ? With simmilor if not better products ?
    What makes you stand out ?
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  16. GigaloRob

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    Can you stop spamming
  17. Nutpuncher

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  18. Eman

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    Im convinced you haven't even read the SCOC. If you had and if you had done a little research you would have put up a legit thread here and addressed all the SCOC items in a professional way, but you didn't. Instead, you are starting threads all over the place that go nowhere for you. It's really not that hard... Address the items in one post at the start of your intro like any accepted source on meso does. Even then it's NO guarantee you'll survive here. You are coming off as lazy though, hardly any effort going into a post. Who cares if you have an ad here? I don't thank mcdonalds for every commercial I see on TV.... You've been here for long enough you should have been able to figure it all out by now and since you haven't yet I'm willing to bet you're not going to.
  19. @rrippenstuff
    yes labs has been done check a bit earlier ...

    we are not targeting especially only US customers , many foreigners are watching this forum and they mitgh be located in euro / asia and as far as i know alot are from south america ...
    90% of them are not participating but just watching/hanging around, i think they do not because maybe some menbers love bullying those foreigners that arent managing US expressions .

    Our shipping price is 20 USD & not 25 USD, let's make it clear , we mitgh be a bit more expensive than you preferred US DOMESTIC source, but discount code sometimes up to (35%) are regulary sent out to our cusomers who has a registered account on our website.
    Moreover every month we make a special on 2 or 3 products from our catalog .this can be cumulate with the discount code.

    We also supply Human Grades stuff (hcg, HGH, accutane,dostinex,ephedrine ... )

    Concerning the redundant controversary Subject ''Overseas Vs domestic Src'' ,i will try to make it short & give my objective opinion .

    Mains problem with domestic SRC :

    -The average Life time of a Domestic source dont exceed 1 Year (mainly caused by bust)
    -On 99% of these cases authority grabbed customers Data / informations and orders history.
    -Most of them host their server within the country they are shipping from.
    -Most of them collect the money within the country they are shipping from.
    -For the most part they dont have access to some equipements (tablets press,granulator etc..) the few reselling tablets domestically are taking major risks smuggling the products from EURO OR ASIA .

    -Many of them poping up doesn't have the financial ressources to offer a wide catalog , and when they do the stuff is most of the times not matching the labels (such as differents tren Esters and Primo)
    -No ability to supply human Grades

    Of course the good points ordering domestic :

    -Get your parcel like yesterday !
    -Not involving your parcel going through your local custom , mainly if its coming from a high risk country (such as ASIA or esterns europe ,any Russians speaking countries ''balkans'')

    Now let's talk about us , we are based in western europe , let's say a very friendly country where parcels coming from arent scrutinized . Untill now we never had any parcels seized (in your country assuming). Potential countries where parcels mitgh be seized are displayed in our FAQ's.

    Our server is based in a free speech country where it would be a nightmare to shut it down or worse raid it . (out of north american & Euro zone)
    Nothing is impossible and no one can guaranteed that it will never happen , but it would take years and years of paperwork to make it in our case...

    None the less all precautions are taken in order to keep all informations encrypted.From the mails exchanges till customers informations on our shop . Our mails outbounding only from our server & not a third parties one .

    In order to make a recap . Our server is Based in a country ''A'' , our shipping location in ''B/C'' and the money collection in ''D''. The operation is directly involved in 4 differents countries, i think it would kinda hard for any authority to shut us down .
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  20. Flounder

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    I tried to tell him, nicely, to take a break from the underground. I see he's going to start getting the not so nice treatment because he just won't shut the fuck up. Seriously @rrippenstuff take a fucking break. You do not have the experience or the knowledge to vet sources here yet.
    And stop posting this shit supporting an unknown source here. This is the kind of shit I'm talking about. Stop sucking Big Tom's dick for us please. We have an international source here who supports Anaboliclab.com financially and has had respectable testing results. I was going to say maybe you should support that vetted source with labs that back them up, but I'd just prefer if you keep your fucking pie hole shut for now. Seriously, take a fucking break. I asked you nicely, then not so nicely. Now you are going to get called out by lot's of members if you keep this up.
    Hugs and Kisses,
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