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  1. VarreraPharmaceuticals

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    Shipping: $20.00
    T/A: 2-4 Business days
    Payment: MoneyGram, WesternUnion & Bitcoin
    Minimum Order: $150.00
    Discount: 10% off future orders for submission of product reviews

    testosterone Enanthate (250mg/mL) = $210
    Testosterone Cypionate (250mg/mL) = $210
    Testosterone Propionate (125mg/mL) = $160
    Testosterone Blend (400mg/mL) = $320

    Nandrolone Decanoate (300mg/mL) = $260
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (125mg/mL) = $220

    trenbolone acetate (100mg/mL) = $250
    Trenbolone Enanthate (200mg/mL) = $310

    Drostanolone Propionate (100mg/mL) = $250
    Drostanolone Enanthate (200mg/mL) = $320

    Dianabol (50mg/tab) = $180
    Anadrol (50mg/tab) = $160
    Winstrol (50mg/tab) = $160
    turinabol (50mg/tab) = $200
    Anavar (50mg/tab) = $240
    clomid (50mg/tab) = $90
    nolvadex (25mg/tab) = $90
    aromasin (25mg/tab) = $90

    - Prices are as listed and non-negotiable.
    - Shipping is strictly within Canada.
  2. sin

    sin Member

    Any bets on how long this one sticks around?

    Why meso? Any lab reports of raws? Any evidence of safe brewing process? No? Get the fuck out.
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  3. Eman

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    Pictures of product.

    And your girls tits.

    With meso and the date.

    Written on her tits I mean...
  4. WCL

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    So many stupid things about the way your products are produced...

    you can tell this is your first rodeo.

    lol, just lol.
  5. Steve84

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    dianabol (50mg/tab) = $180
    Winstrol (50mg/tab) = $160
    turinabol (50mg/tab) = $200
    anavar (50mg/tab) = $240
    testosterone Enanthate (250mg/mL) = $210
    testosterone Cypionate (250mg/mL) = $210
    Testosterone Propionate (125mg/mL) = $160
    Testosterone Blend (400mg/mL) = $320

    What the fuck is this shit???
    Pills are insane doses...
    Who the shit produces 50ML Vials..

    Definitely a bathtub operation of shit
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  6. 50ml jugs ? Jesus fucking Moses!

    Ive been around the block in the Canadian scene and never heard of u, new lab ? How about you @CdnGuy ever heard of this chump ?
  7. GearGodess

    GearGodess Member

    I'm also in Canada and never heard of this...
  8. VarreraPharmaceuticals

    VarreraPharmaceuticals Junior Member

    Vials are 50mL for a reason, same goes for the tablets.

    Prices are at discount.
  9. GearGodess

    GearGodess Member

    what kind of stoppers do you use of those vials? just curious...
  10. Michael7

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    How do you pronounce varrera ?
  11. VarreraPharmaceuticals

    VarreraPharmaceuticals Junior Member

    Round bottom silicone treated and sterilized.
  12. Eman

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    No shit. Thanks for clearing that up.
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  13. VarreraPharmaceuticals

    VarreraPharmaceuticals Junior Member

    Varr - era
  14. sin

    sin Member

    50mls cause those vials feel best in your ass, right babe?
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  15. VarreraPharmaceuticals

    VarreraPharmaceuticals Junior Member

  16. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Never heard of him bro, just another guy trying too make a quick buck.
  17. Eman

    Eman Member

    I'm actually happy you showed up bro...

    @CensoredBoardsSuck and @TANGO.ECHO.KILO were just saying meso has gone soft lately.

    I happen to think it's because we don't have enough sources to burn in the meso town square lately... Anyways welcome to meso. I have a hunch CBS and TEK will be along to welcome you too. Enjoy.
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  18. sin

    sin Member

    What a boring reaction. Has somebody been lurking meso before their grand introduction?
  19. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Haha yeah I read that and I concur. I was fortunate enough too catch the tail end of the old Meso. Definitely alot more soft these days.
    Edit- OP you must be high if you think you can succeed here.
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  20. Bob Dole

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    @VarreraPharmaceuticals welcome to the board, let me suggest you make a donation to

    Steroid Analytics for June 2016 | AnabolicLab Forum

    Disclaimer: A donation to AL is greatly appreciated and a helps harm reduction and everyone that takes part in this game. It’s important that that any source that donates to AL understands that that does not mean that meso or AL are supporting and/or endorsing your products. You are donating only because you want to help support a great cause and have no expectations of special treatment.