Vascular tissue growth?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by MrShortArm, Oct 2, 2019.

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    I searched around on here as well as online and didn’t find much. I’m curious if anyone knows whether it’s possible or not, and also how it would be done, to grow veins. I.e. make the diameter of the vein larger, I get that when you get lean they pop more but that’s not what I mean. Theoretically being that vein tissue is 3 layers, two of which being smooth muscle and connective tissue, I’d think with something maybe like occlusion training to stress the muscular layer one could get them to “grow”? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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    Just train. Grow your muscles and the veins will have to grow to provide adequate blood supply. Anyone with giant veins also has giant muscles.

    Also, genetics. You will likely never look like Frank McGrath no matter what you do. I was born veiny as fuck and get comments on it often. My mother and grandmother have had to get veins removed they are so veiny.

    Chicks don’t really like it I can tell you for sure. When I’m super lean girls think it’s just weird/crazy looking. It’s not attractive to them. My bros think it’s awesome though... :rolleyes:
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