VenomPharma (Canada/USA Domestic) Sale prices and Free vial of Test Prop

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    Hey guys, I hope I am not breaking any rules I have read through them and it seems posts like this are allowed. Forgive me if not.

    I am the owner of venompharma (posting on one of my reps accounts as I have been waiting weeks for mine to be approved)

    We have been around the offline scene in certain parts of Canada for many years before moving the whole operation online early this year. We offer Canadian and USA domestic shipping and right now with our sale prices we can honestly say our pricing cannot be beat. PLUS we have been giving a free vial of testosterone Propionate to all new customers who place an order, no matter how small.

    We are solely focused on the production of Testosterone and Trenbolone esters right now so currently only have 5 products listed plus some pct products and viagra. Because we only sell 5 products this allows us to really focus our time on ensuring every batch is 100% consistent in dosing and I and my team am able to personally pin each new batch of product to ensure there is no PIP and that it works as it should. I use my own gear for TRT and fairly regularly run cycles.

    We can also provide links to reviews on other forums made by longtime, trusted members and I can also provide lab test results on our raw powders.

    Pricing is as follows (all in CANADIAN dollars so you are saving big money if in the USA) and remember, EVERYONE gets a free vial of Test Prop if it is your first time doing business with us.

    Testosterone Cypionate/Enanthate 250mg/ml= $25cdn

    Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml= $20cdn

    trenbolone acetate 100mg/ml= $40cdn

    Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/ml= 50cdn

    clomid and Viagra will be listed this week.

    FREE SHIPPING IF PAID IN BITCOIN. Otherwise it is $25cdn for Canadian Express Post orders and $35cdn for USPS Express. This is actually less than it costs us, not including packing materials, gas and labor which is why we like to hook customers up with a free vial of Test Prop to offset the shipping charges.

    We accept email money transfers (only works for Canadian customers) Western Union/Money Gram and Cash In Mail. During checkout there will be a text box where you enter how you would like to pay and we will email you right away with the payment information depending on the method you selected.

    Except bitcoin orders, which are paid for and processed automatically right on the website. It is a very simple process. Just go on the front page, click the product you want to order and enter the required info and send payment to the provided wallet address.

    We will email you your tracking # if payment is received before 3pm EST (Monday-Friday) if after 3pm, you will receive it the next day or if it is the weekend you will receive it Monday.

    We are currently looking for more resellers so if interested in bulk please let us know.

    I know direct links are not allowed but we end in .com and the name is venompharma

    These sale prices will probably only continue until the end of April as business is starting to pickup. We are starting to get good reviews posted up, some members on here have ordered off us and say they will be posting reviews and even blood work within a week. We will never raise our prices as high as the "standard" pricing, not even close. But, it is insane how many people think low price=low quality gear.

    This is simply not true. Anyone can do the math on how cheap it is to produce a vial of Test or tren. The markup other labs charge is absolutely insane and we will always strive to have lower prices than other labs and we will probably continue to give these same deals to loyal customers and we will always cut amazing deals on bulk.

    We currently have a domestic U.K. reseller as well but since he is a reseller, his prices are much higher. He is only shipping within the U.K. though so if anyone in the E.U. wants to order we will ship there but since we very rarely get any business inquires for there, please just email us if you want to order to a country within the E.U.
    We promised our U.K. seller that we would not infringe on his business so all U.K orders must go through him. You can find a link to his website on ours.

    I am slightly nervous to be posting as I have been met with hostility on other boards, yet, also always received orders from some great people on every board I have posted on. I hope to be welcomed kindly as it seems like a great community on here! Much more quality info and mature members compared to a certain board I will not name...

    You will not regret giving us a shot! The gear is as good as it gets and we have yet to see anything even close to as inexpensive so try out a small sample order, get a free vial of test prop with it and you will find your new favorite source for Test and Tren products!

    Much love to you all :)
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    Why are you here.
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    You take orders through a website? How’s the security on that.

    You’re Canadian eh but you ship to US, eh?

    You’re just going to provide us with the testing results as provided by your raws supplier. How do you know those are accurate and you’re not receiving shit? You should test your raws yourself.

    Any credit for product testing?

    We would like some pictures of your lab, brewing process, and filters. Product pictures would help show you actually have some product to sell. That might go a long way to further sales.

    We want a good faith contribution of $500 to AnabolicLab. See it’s free for you to post here and you may make a few sales but if you show you invested some skin in the game then it builds trust that you’re not just scamming but you plan to stick around.

    There’s labs here already that do all this so there’s your competition. If you don’t plan on doing these same things then maybe you’d want to tell us why we should settle for your inferior product?

    Oh and minor detail but you didn’t post your website. How you expect to scam the noobs for quick orders if they can’t rush off somewhere to place there orders?
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    Also tits.

    That's the important part.
  7. You're a day late. New source Friday was yesterday.

    You've provided absolutely nothing. No pictures, no blood work, no testing results, no tits. You did NO homework before coming here.

    You service Canada and the US?
    Do you carry any Global Pharma or Pharma Tech products?
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    It is actually Friday.
  9. LMAO. You're right. My work schedule changed and has me all fucked up. i keep thinking it's Saturday. :oops::D

    Well, scratch that first line in my first post. The rest is at least correct. Not gonna edit it either, 'cause i find it too funny.
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    All good.

    Not like anyone would order from a shifty eyed, floppy headed Canadian anyway.
  11. He's shifty alright!

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    5 products and doesn’t show a single bit of proof of having one to sell, Oh! You just think we’re gonna take your word for it? Um NO!

    Is it named Venom because it’s probably gonna be poisonous once Injected into the body?
    Probably amber colored vials too.

    You have broke an unspoken rule though.
    That’s being a dumbass.
    Rambling on is all I read in your intro. Sad really.

    To even think you’d be kindly welcomed with open arms is an obvious clue that you didn’t read or come prepared.

    So step back, go read some threads on how to introduce yourself, with just the basic shit we ask from every new source, and then maybe try again, or even better just leave.
    Seeing you were just here long enough to post your shitty intro and not stick around to answer anyone pretty much says all I need to know. Pathetic!
    All these poorly intro’d sources have an excuse and keep making excuses to why they can’t do this or that, blah blah blah...
    So what’s your excuse?

    Free prop for first time orders... give me a fuckin break! :rolleyes:
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    "You take orders through a website? How’s the security on that."

    ALL big labs take orders through websites? You seriously have never ordered from a website? Have you not heard of bitcoin? That is the only payment actually done directly on the website and it is untraceable. All other methods of payment are doing through email, we contact you after your order is placed and give you the info you need to send your payment depending on the method you would like to use. You're making it sound like no labs use websites or take orders on them directly? Before I ran my own lab I always ordered online and have been doing so for over a decade, never lost an order.

    "Oh and minor detail but you didn’t post your website. How you expect to scam the noobs for quick orders if they can’t rush off somewhere to place there orders?"

    The rules said no direct links. I was doing my best to follow them but I guess I was wrong not to post a direct link? My website is I made it very clear what the name was and it ends in .com, I was not trying to break any rules. I did not think I needed to show proof that I have products when they are on our website but pictures are posted below. I also said I can provide links to reviews made by trusted members of other forums

    "We want a good faith contribution of $500 to AnabolicLab"

    Thank you for the advice, I will happily look into it and defiantly pay the $500 if it will help grow our brand.

    "Seeing you were just here long enough to post your shitty intro and not stick around to answer anyone pretty much says all I need to know. Pathetic!
    All these poorly intro’d sources have an excuse and keep making excuses to why they can’t do this or that, blah blah blah...
    So what’s your excuse?"

    I posted this past midnight my time and went to sleep. It is now just past 5am my time and I am up answering your questions. What is my excuse for what? Pictures are posted below. Please let me know what else I can do to prove myself.

    All product pictures are posted on our website just like any other lab but again, sorry for not including them here. PICTURES ARE AT BOTTOM OF POST.

    I am new here guys, so please, cut me a little slack. Just trying to inform people of a great lab based in the USA and Canada.

    ( I do not have a ton of pictures of the production lab, just some of us filtering which does not due the operation justice as we actually have some nice machinery including a rotary pill press we will be using to produce orals in the coming weeks. I will get some up today. But, the include pictures are all 5 products we sell with close ups and a price list. The one photo of vials with no labels is a bunch of tren Ace before we finished labeling them.

    "You’re Canadian eh but you ship to US, eh?"

    Do you not know what *domestic* shipping is? It means we ship out of BOTH Canada and the USA. We are based in both countries, have you really never heard of other labs doing similar things? Production is done in Canada where laws are more relaxed and product is shipped to one of our reps down south for USA distribution.

    Product is shipped from the country the order is placed in. We also have a separate website ( set up for domestic U.K. orders.

    To the person asking, Why would we carry other brands? We are our own lab. we manufacture our own products, we are not some reseller. How do you think we can sell the product so cheap?

    "You’re just going to provide us with the testing results as provided by your raws supplier. How do you know those are accurate and you’re not receiving shit? You should test your raws yourself."

    We DO test our own raws... Sorry for the confusion.We test all raws and then even test the finished product on ourselves. Lots of assumptions/hostility on here. Was not expected to be met with open arms but you guys also do not need to be so rude.

    I will get pictures of the lab/brewing/filtering process as well as upload the results of our raw powders that we personally got tested, it is not from our source.

    "Is it named Venom because it’s probably gonna be poisonous once Injected into the body?
    Probably amber colored vials too."

    Lol, we have heard similar jokes before and also that it must be "snake oil" with a name like Venom. We use the name as we were a huge local lab for many years and wanted our old customers to be able to find us online. The original owner thought it was a cool name, he loved the superhero named "Venom" and thought it was a funny play on words as in the movie, the injected venom gave him superhuman strength just like injecting yourself with steroids can do. Our vials are clear :)

    Please, let me know what else I can do or any other questions I can answer :) Sorry for the long post! Lots of questions had to be answered. I understand and was actually expecting to be hammered with rude comments and do not take them personally. I am sorry for not providing more proof in my original post, please let me know what else I can do. I would offer free vials to long time members but I hear that is frowned upon here? Let me know if not. All the best to you all!

    3 row cyp.jpg 5.jpg 1F8EB956-7A1E-4AAF-9268-0EDCD46A4A76.jpg 78246BF3-B777-4A64-B134-F3C30D8AAC5B.jpg 732F0816-24DB-48B9-B731-6B9E99F06E1B.jpg testosterone propionate canada.jpg good tr a.jpg GOOD T E.jpg 20190126_193415.jpg
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    SO SORRY for the long post guys. I tried to edit it to make it shorter but ran out of time. I had lots of questions to answer. Instead of directly quoting members messages, I put the question in "quotation marks" and answered directly below.

    Please let me know what else I can do! As I said, I will happily provide samples to *trusted* long time members of this board for honest reviews. If I am allowed to post links to other forums I can show reviews all posted by longtime members. I do not think Meso will appreciate me linking to other forums so, if you want to see them just private message me.

    You can also check out our U.K. resellers Instagram page
    where he has lots of before and after pictures running cycles with our gear and blood work posted up. (I personally refuse to use social media although it does well for him)
    he is a reseller meaning he buys off us in bulk, we ship it to him from Canada as it seems to pass customs easier than from the USA and he resells it within the U.K. He is not actually apart of the venompharma team but the gear is ours. His handle is- @bigger_pumps (website that he sells our gear on is

    Again, my apologies for not posting pictures/more "proof" originally. I always try to just introduce myself and see what type of posts are allowed before going full out with links and photos. Now, I know this board is not nearly as censored as others so the "constructive criticism" was/is MUCH appreciated :)
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    How about a recent pic, not from last spring? With proof you have more than a home brewer's stash please. I personally know about a dozen guys that brew who have a larger amount if vials than you do.
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    Check your attitude. We’re dicks here but you’re the one selling so you need to be nice. It’s a gut reaction to get defensive when we’re all hostile but everything you write back is going to be judged. You don’t have a mod censoring our stuff and you don’t have someone to delete posts so choose YOUR words.

    No samples. Bad idea, we don’t do that here. If anyone contacts you to take you up on that then they really are NOT respected vets. They are gear whores and we fucking hate them. We don’t do free gear for reviews here. You won’t see enthusiastic “g2g” or on the FEELZZZ reports.

    What we like to see is lab reports so if you test anything post that up. That shows us you care about the quality of your product. But you could send in good product for tests and still sell shitty under-dosed gear so are you offering credit for tested gear? Credit for bloods?

    It’s free to post here so you’re not blowing $1000 like you would on other boards. Take that money and invest it in the stuff I asked about above. If you’re smart with it you will do good here and make a lot of money. If you cut corners or do dumb shit it’ll be reflected in your sales and you won’t last long.

    It really is simple, be honest and transparent and listen to people’s advice. We’ve seen labs come and go through here so we know what works and doesn’t. Good luck.

    And don’t forget to post a few pictures of your girl. We want to be entertained too.
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    My advice is dont be so sensitive. We fuck around here, have a good time and like to talk shit. Dont take it all so seriously. The players that have stood out and lasted weren't so sensitive to the comments and let their business speak for itself.

    We may be a bit hostile but we all want a solid source.
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    Fuck, I forgot. If everything is priced in Canadian then it should be less in USD. Like 30% less if I figure the maths right. Do you have a converter that reflects that?

    If so. You should highlight that shit. Seeing Test at $25C doesn’t look competitive but if that means $17.50USD then it’s priced super competitively.
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    And tits for sure