Vermodje gear.

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  1. bunkwilly

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    I have 10ml vials of eq and sustanon mix. It has holograms but I can't see code. Is it possibly that I scratched it off? My strength is going up, eating more but no weight gains yet. It's going on 7 weeks. Any info a plus.

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  2. Savagesteve

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    Look at Anabolic Labs as I think some of it was tested some time ago. Doesn’t mean the newer batches are good but could give you an idea. Also look at the source you ordered from and see if there is any feedback on them.
  3. bunkwilly

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    Thx savage...yeah he said he's contacting vermodje to see what's wrong. Been dealing with him for several years. I verified all other products this order and all is good. Well see tho
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  4. Naugahyde

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    Heard rumours of Vermodje quality going downhill recently but don't know how credible that is. A few sources have stopped selling them recently though...
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    Got ya....thx naugahyde.
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  7. bunkwilly

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    That's what I was thinking.
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    Vermodje is no longer operating, so be careful in the future....
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    Ok thanks
  10. Larifo

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    Hi guys sorry to write in this old thread but I'm looking for a simple information about vermodje.

    Is there someone who has a legit vermodje vial or box to write me the address of the authentication website please?

    Gonna explain why. I have a relative who has a vial but on the vial there is the code and the website adress ""

    BUT one year ago when we check the codes the official authentification website was different.
    On the official website the code was not good. On the website where the adress was written on the vial with the scratch code that was fine BUT I guess it's a fake vial with a fake website (smart idea).

    Now that apparently vermodje official website is not longer available the supposed fake website is still working.

    Thanks in advance guys and have a good weekend