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  1. nervje

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    Anyone has tried it?
    Idk if its worth the cash i mean, is there more to it than just steak rice and eggs?
    A bunch of chicken stock and sweet potatoes, spinach and youre set right?
  2. Eman

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    I have a copy of the book... It is a very good nutrition, wellness, recovery philosophy however, I am very much opposed to the price point because it's overpriced, IMO.

    There is more to it than the steak and rice however, people kind of joke that this is all there is to it because it is a very big aspect of the diet. Essentially, there are about a dozen foods that are suggested to include in your daily and weekly diet. Most of them are probably stuff you eat on a regular basis anyways. There are a lot of interesting micronutrient sources that Stan suggests too like real cranberry juice and he's big on having a few baby carrots per day, real sourdough bread, sprouted grains, raw almonds, etc. All the foods have a reason for inclusion. He also mentions things to avoid and why, one of them being caffeine - which I will never adhere to because I really like coffee.

    There are other items that are more for wellness and recovery like using a CPAP and taking walks around meals. The whole diet really revolves around maximizing absorption and digestion of the nutrients and foods you're eating.

    Again, with all that said, I am disappointed in Stan for putting this up at $100 on his website. I think the whole book is 50 pages, some chapters/sections of the book are just links to articles rather than him quoting something from the article and then citing it at the end... That is probably my biggest gripe about the book and the price, if you're going to charge that much for it then you owe it to the reader to extrapolate the information from the articles you're referencing and cite them at the bottom.
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    I started following it before he tried to market it. I personally like it. My biggest gripe about bulking is getting GI discomfort and bloating throughout the day and farting all night. After basically following his vertical and horizontal axis for my diet it did what it was supposed to and allowed me to gain weight without feeling bloated and gassy all the time.
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    Agreed with both above posts. Just like anything else you can find all the info about it free online so charging $100 is silly...

    Works well for me. I've always had a hell of a time eating enough... Im never hungry for the next meal...

    With this I am starving because everything I eat I digest fast and well... No bloating, gas getting stuffed...

    I've gone with bison and white rice in 6oz servings multiple times per day. Started at 4oz and gone up from there..

    Much easier, gaining weight easy... Its good for me, maybe not everyone..
  5. nervje

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    Well i am looking to drop bodyfat after my actual "cut", whereas my cut involves me craving food.
    But looking at his "clients" they seem to be constantly full of energy and not really crave food, and drop bf still. So would this diet approac be advisable to follow after my cut and still lose bf, while not having the negative effects of a bodybuilding cut?
  6. RodgerThat

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    Yo I might be slow but what is dropping body fat after a cut look like as opposed to cutting or dropping body fat or losing weight or dieting. Just a trouble distinguishing the two cause to me it sounds like you plan to crash diet then use a very simple diet approach afterthat to lose even more weight but that won’t work cause after a crash diet of what I would consider someone says bodybuilding cut, you ain’t continuing to drop fat after by adding things in.
  7. nervje

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    Well how should i notnshredded to the bone but continue to for 4 weeks, im using tren and winny. As far as I come fatlose wise, im coming.
    That means there is hunger and cravings.

    Now on this diet, he uploads alot of client pictures who state they dont crave anything and are full and lose fat over time without the side effects a strict bodybuilding diet has, and same time they seem to add lean muscle tissue/strength.
    For me, right now all i focus on is fat loss, no strength or size. But after those 4 weeks id change my focus on strength again and would like to see if i could add the strengtg i want and due to the vertical diet still drop a pound or 2 of fat while not really concentrating on a harsh diet, u know.
  8. ickyrica

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    I was like, dude, I'm not eating every meal standing up! And then I went to google...

    oh wow, this is like asking a man to not have sex with his blow up doll. Not going to happen folks. She has those bedroom eyes...
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  9. Endure

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    I get the base foods portion he throws in but the other foods like carrots, OJ, etc. just seem a bit random. Why not cabbage/kimchi etc.? Those are great for digestion.
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  10. Eman

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    He's putting those random foods in for the specific micronutrients they provide.

    Cabbage is a high gas vegetable, and that's probably why he doesn't recommend it in general. However, if you tolerate it really well and it helps your digestion you should include it.
  11. ickyrica

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    God almighty I love boiled dinner...