Virtutis Pharma Virtusteron Testosterone Enanthate 250mg HPLC by Janoshik

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    We have tested at HPLC by Janoshik

    Please look at the result

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    Virtutis Pharma Virtusteron Testosterone Enanthate 250mg lab4tox-1.jpg
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  3. master.on

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    Yet another thread where Lab4Tox precedes Jano "test"
    It makes sense he just copied the result and made up a similar number.
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    What am I missing? I can’t fully read the other lab but Jano’s came first in February and the second came around May/June. How did Jano copy?
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  5. janoshik

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    You are not missing anything.
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    Didn’t think so!
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    Jano used a time machine to go to the future, read the results and copy the report. If only he could have gone back in time and convinced @master.on's dad to blow his load into a sock where it would have been more useful.
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    There's a previous Lab4Tox test
    please read this thread carefully and you'll find it.
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    Your mother should have swallowed.