VOTE: Test E Dosage 300mg/wk vs 400mg/wk vs 500/wk

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by flickoff613, Mar 29, 2009.


300mg/wk or 400mg/wk or 500mg/wk

  1. 300mg/wk

    10 vote(s)
  2. 400mg/wk

    5 vote(s)
  3. 500mg/wk

    38 vote(s)
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    flickoff613 Junior Member

    Let the Majority decide, and people will probably say depends, everyone is different, but we are not here to hear that. Post your age and height as well.
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    Dzaster Member

    28yrs old 5ft 10in 202 lbs--
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    flickoff613 Junior Member

    what you vote on?
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    Ironhorse Member

    I'd have to say it depends on if its a first cycle and/or what your goals are. Even though 500mg seems to be the general minimum, there have been many people who have in fact gained extremely nicely off a dose as low as 300mg. I think many would be surprised at just how effective a low dose of test really is. You'll find that most will stick to your 500mg option just because of how common that particular dose is, but not based on actual experience. Not many people experiment with low doses.
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    Dzaster Member

    Well theres only been 2 votes and both are "500" soooo;)
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    slams2k Junior Member

    my vote was 500mg and YES, it depends, cutting, bulking, other compounds.

    Age:27, Height: 5 11, Weight: 200lbs.
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    flickoff613 Junior Member

    Yeah thats crazy, I've heard people go as low as 250mg/wk, save lot of money! but what if those people bump to 500mg/wk does it mean they're increase in gains would be higher than 250mg/wk, or does test e only top off to 30 lbs if people who gain 30lbs on 250mg/wk, meaning they won't go any higher?
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    Ironhorse Member

    Believe it or not if I wait long enough for my receptors to clear I really cant tell the difference between a 300mg dose and a 500mg dose. I react nicely due to my long waits in between cycles and proper diet during my cycles. Ive played around with different doses and will stick with the lower end of the spectrum. Yes, I believe one will only gain a certain amount on test alone, but with added compounds could gain more. If youre gaining 30lbs during a cycle its probably your first one.
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    flickoff613 Junior Member

    how do, did you keep track on whether you should increase the dosage? did you check increase each month?
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    MR10X Member

    300mg Test E or Test Cip and 100mg masteron enathate weekly.
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    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    i wouldnt do a cycle now running 500 but it was ok for my first. that was at age 37 with a clean nutrition program and workout. now at almost 46 i would do less then a g. a week! im also 6' 4" and 260!
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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    I vote 300. I have made huge gains off this dose with basically 0 side effects. In the words of the wise old Maxrep. "use the LEAST amount you need to get the job done."

    I agree if you do 2 cycles a year that 300mg/week will give you plenty of results. I did this last year and was benching 315 for 10 reps with no spotter and did 315 for 20 on deep squats. Unless yoour competing i think thats plenty.
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    Need more doses, last 2 were at 750/wk
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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    I actually remember in the early 90's we didn't know that much about cycles. I did a pyramiding dosing schedule starting at 50mg week up to 250mg and back down to 50mg. This was about 8 weeks. I put on 20lbs and was very strong.
    You must remember that the body produces 70mg test a week so even a 300mg cycle a week is over 400% more that normal!!!;)
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    MR10X Member

    I'm 63 and just finished an 8 week cycle with 250mg Sustanon,100mg masteron Enetahate,and 300mg equipoise a week and i didnt have any bad side effects other than a slightly higher blood pressure rate. I agree dont use anymore than you need to. I found if you go more than 8 weeks you start getting more severe side effects and recovery takes longer,i dont use anything post cycle and i have not had any problems getting my system back to normal.
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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    I agree,
    I took pictures and at around 7-8 weeks i had 95% of the gains. I do think a good pct is necessary tho to keep alot of what you have put on.

    I have a friend here in town who refuses to come off. He looks good but he is not gaining anything at this point. He is just maintaining, but at what cost? He would do much better to come off and do 2 cycles a year, but he is young n dumb and won't listen....
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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    I changed my avatar, that was me in 1995 on the low dose test cycle.
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    streetdaddy Junior Member

    may take awhile to switch avatars, here is the link....

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    Grappler76 Junior Member

    Think 500mg/week gives good results with little side effects.
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    solo47 Member

    That's no surprise since, at 63, normal Test levels really aren't much any more;). Are you on TRT, mate?

    I don't know, but I've always done about 500 or 600 mgs EW because it's convenient and feels so damned good. (6'0", 218lbs, been alive longer than Liz has been Queen of England)

    Apparently MR10X & streetdaddy didn't actually vote since we currently have a unanimous vote for 500mg (and up?) each week.


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