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    Hey guys.

    I have been contemplating an idea for a while, and I have decided to follow through with an attempt at making it work.

    I have access to a domestic FDA registered and approved analytical testing laboratory that can analyze our AAS, hGH, peptide, and ancillary samples. I have used them for only 2 samples, testosterone Enanthate and clomiphene. I sent them blind samples, labeled sample#1 and sample #2. They were identified and quantified by GCMSD and the results emailed to me. The images of my samples and the results will be attached here.

    I am an active member here. After discussing this idea with someone whose opinion I value; I have decided that this could be beneficial enough to the community (and hopefully me too) for me to give up my member handle.

    I’ve never joined any other PED forum; so this will be MESO exclusive unless my email address is shared after I reveal it to someone here in PM.

    My association with the lab and its owner was simply blind luck. I asked a family member in a similar business if they had any contacts for this type of testing. A couple of months and a plane ride later I was talking with the owner and lead chemist and touring a big analytical laboratory that specializes in FDA regulated pharmaceutical testing; mostly THC presently.
    I also got to kill a few wild hogs on that trip; but the lab contact was the bigger prize.

    The owner of the lab agreed to test any samples I send them for a fee; but with the condition that the lab remains anonymous. Graphic printouts and analysis results will be provided; but the lab’s identifying information will be blocked from view for obvious reasons.

    My part will be receiving samples to ship to the lab; and receiving results to forward to the customers. That is the way I intend to profit from this venture. The lab will make a considerable profit; and I will make a smaller portion that will cover shipping, my time, and some compensation for the risk involved.

    Prices are as follows:

    Ancillary raw powders identification and quantitation: $120

    Ancillary Capsules, Tablets, suspensions identification and quantitation: $120

    hGH identification and quantitation: $225

    hGH identification and quantitation+ dimer content: $275

    Peptide identification and quantitation: $180

    Free amino acid identification and quantitation: $150

    Hopefully Coming Soon

    Hormone raw powders identification and quantitation: $120

    Hormone in oil solution identification and quantitation: $120

    Hormone Capsules, Tablets, suspensions identification and quantitation: $120

    One or more of HPLC/UPLC-Qtof, GC/MS, and LC/MS are used in the analysis. Which is used depends on the sample being tested. I know that my samples were analyzed by GC/MS; and that hGH is analyzed by HPLC-Qtof.

    All samples are to be sent for blind identification EXCEPT tablets, capsules, and suspensions. These must include the name of the active ingredient and, preferably, the name of the filler. The reason for this is that the chemist will have to identify the active ingredient and the filler if the sample is sent blind. Since the solubility of the active and filler may be very different; they said blind pill samples could be very time consuming and expensive to analyze.
    Reverse engineering studies for copying tablet/capsule recipes are available for an additional cost. I do not know that price; but I can find out if there is any interest.

    I do not want to receive controlled substances at this time. I believe it will be possible to accept hormone samples in the near future; but I have a couple more security measures to validate before I will feel a sense of security in handling them.

    One very important disclaimer:

    If I am sent a sample that has any opiate or benzodiazepine, the sender will have 24 hours to make the source known; or I will expose the sender on this forum. I will maintain a strict zero tolerance policy on opiates and benzodiazepines.

    Typical turnaround time is 2-5 business days after the lab receives the sample.

    Mail at my delivery site is late afternoon; so samples will be mailed the morning following my receipt in most cases.

    Payment will be cash in mail only, included with the sample.

    Instructions for sample packaging and shipping will be provided through PM on this forum.

    I do have tutanota and protonmail; but they are inaccessible through the firewall at one of the locations I use. If email is needed, I will give the address through PM and I will know to check it when I can get access.

    Most of my time on the forum will be late at night after my family is asleep. There will be days that I am unavailable; but I will do my best to reply to any messages within 24 hours.

    I am very hopeful for this to be successful for a multitude of reasons. All I know of the lab’s services are the work they have done for me, the information I have gathered through conversation and the lab tour, and examining the work they have done for publicly traded companies. The owner and lead chemist are PhD trained in medicinal chemistry. The lab uses Agilent/Waters equipment for HPLC/UHPLC and Agilent/HP for the GC system.

    As with everything in this field of performance enhancement drug use; this is uncertain territory. Hopefully we can test it out and produce a satisfactory solution to our biggest problem at the present.

    Now in true MESO fashion; fire at will.
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    I just realized that the media files are locked. Here are the sample images with results.
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    IMG_6060.JPG IMG_6061.JPG IMG_6109.JPG

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    Why are hormones not available if that was one of the first things you’ve sent to be tested?
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    It was already in my possession; so I didn't have to receive it and then remail it.
    I'm just making sure I have completed my security measures before accepting packages of controlled substances from multiple senders.
    I have faith that I will be able to accept them very soon.
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    Hope this works out as we need a reliable place to go to replace analyzer.
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    How will the lab make considerable profit if the owner agreed to test samples you send for free?
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    Subbed, want to see were this goes.
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    Not for free. For a fee.
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    My bad lol my Brain likes the look of free over fee.
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    I am confused by this.

    Yes I understand that you do not want opiates/benzos sent to you, but this makes no sense to me.

    They have 24 hours to make the source known? What does that mean?
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    The idea behind it is this:
    It is upfront that I want nothing to do with those chemicals.
    If I am sent a sample of opiate or benzo, it is either willful negligence on the part of the sender; or the supplier has sent them something in error.
    Either way, I just can't afford to tolerate it.

    I feel very strongly about this. I have a family and I am hyper-vigilant about their safety.
    I also lost someone very close to me from an OD; so I am probably always going to be over the top on this subject.
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    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get that.

    I already acknowledged that.

    What I was asking is what do you mean by "They have 24 hours to make the source known?"

    Make what source known?
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    The source that must have sent the customer one of those drugs in error.

    That will have to be the only way I could receive a sample like that since it is clearly stated that I don't accept them, right?

    A source making a mistake of that magnitude would need to be exposed because of the risk of harm to the community.
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    But while we are on the topic of safety and your self proclaimed "hyper-vigilance" of your family's safety.

    Choosing to start a business in which you are building the business around you receiving packages in the mail containing scheduled drugs PLUS cash IN THE SAME PACK, hardly qualifies as typical behavior of an individual who is truly "hyper-vigilant" of their family's safety.

    You do realize that you'll be committing a minimum of 3 felonies per received pack, right?
    --receiving illegal scheduled drugs
    --using the USPS to transport illegal scheduled drugs
    --tax evasion (assuming you do not intend to report the revenue generated in this venture to the IRS)

    I think your feelings closer fit "I love my family and I am hoping they are not negatively impacted by my decision to start an illegal business". Hyper-vigilance would be better reserved for those members of our society who avoid committing felonies altogether, especially doing so in exchange for financial profit.
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    I know I probably sound like I am trying to harass and insult you, I promise I am not.

    I just hate seeing good guys like you risk their safety and risk their freedom, in what seems like a good idea up front.

    Trust me, everytime I read about a guy like Analyzer going down, I get a slightly sick feeling in my stomach over it, and feel genuinely bad for them. I hope this NEVER happens to you.
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    I agree with what you said.
    Yes I do realize the risk and the laws surrounding this.
    I have not agree to accept controlled substance samples yet; and when that time comes, they will not be accepted at my residence.

    Yes, I do intend to profit from this. The money may I make from this would be far less than what I desire for the risk and labor involved.
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    I really appreciate that.
    No offense taken at all. I came prepared with a thick skin and an objective mentality.

    I don't know how it will all go; but I have thought about it and analyzed it to the best of my abilities. So I feel like have to try it out.

    I will say this: the lab results were very important to me. I wanted to give the clomid to my wife. It came to this when her OBGYN refused to give it to her. We are using it for fertility; and I was very appreciative of the ability to have it tested.
    If there is another guy with a similar need that I can help get something tested; then I will be happy with my choice.
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    I hope this all works out. This will be HUGE for us here in the States.
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    Subbed (please work out)
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