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    WADA is as interested in a profit motive as they are about a fair and level playing field in tested sports.

    That being said it is hard to have a lot of sympathy for the USAPL as they are by far the most arrogant federation I've ever witnessed.
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    I guess at least now i know if i decide to go back to the usapl i don't even need to stop using gear first. Lol.
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    “All, Many of you have seen on social media the Open Letter to the voting members of the NGB regarding the IPF Matters.

    • We state strongly, USA Powerlifting will NOT cease our business practices.
    • We will continue to drug test at every level to maintain the drug-free platform you deserve.
    • Despite asking several times of the IPF, USA Powerlifting has not be provided the alleged WADA compliant and therefore we will not act upon their cease and desist letter without due process according to the IPF Constitution.”

    IPF Serves a Cease and Desist to USAPL Over WADA Complaint, USAPL Responds - BarBend
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    Here is a podcast that breaks down the issue with USAPL, and meet drug testing in general. I could not agree more with most, if not all, of Chad's positions on the matter as well his stance on drug use in the sport. Trigger warning: he's going to go against the grain of what you would often see posted on the forum. I was actually surprised at his comments about how often athletes pop positive, wasn't aware of it.

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  6. How long have you been competing masters?
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    Powerlifting, so political ...