Waddup meso?

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by JPLAY, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Waddup meso?

    Been doing a lot of reading on this board from members. I thought I would join and participate.

    Been training about 3 years now.
    6”1 185 9% bf 29 years old
    Just finishing up on a cut.

    2 cycles under my belt. Started with a 12 week sust only cycle. Last summer ran a tren a/prop 8 week cycle. Just now starting a year long gh cycle w generic Jin 4iu ED. I’m about 3 weeks into it. Always been fascinated when reading about it so looking forward to see what it can do. If any one can post a summary time line of personal experience of what to expect results wise with the gh that’d be awesome. I’m trying to get shredded to fuck then starting an npp/tpp run. I would rather do tren again but holy shit that stuff really is the devils nectar. Mixing tren w a girlfriend and a stressful job is something I will NEVER do again! Lol

    Any advice for a new member would be appreciated.
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    Welcome to Meso.

    Test/tren/Mast/Var is my favorite cutting cycle. But I agree 100% if you have a stressful job and girlfriend it can push you over the edge. My wife knows to stay clear when I take tren. She hates how much I sweat when I sleep on it lol.

    I've been running gh for about a year at 4-6iu 5 days a week. I've used Godtropin, Black Tops, and Gray Tops. I love it. You dont see gains or anything noticable quick.
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    I’m going to be starting a job where I can afford pharma gh. Is it worth the difference in price? And have you noticed any negative effects running gh so long? I’d like to just stay on it for good.
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    Welcome to Meso