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  1. bigrobbie

    bigrobbie Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    There are many different Bitcoin wallets to choose from...any suggestions...
  2. T-Bagger

    T-Bagger Member

    I like Blockchain
  3. Neewbiest guy

    Neewbiest guy Member

    I second that! Especially if your using an iPhone to store your wallet. I tried Mycelium and had nothing but trouble.
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  4. JP1979

    JP1979 Member

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  5. OooThats

    OooThats Member

    Bump for more suggestions.. Blockchain isn't available in my state for some reason
  6. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I also have Electrum on my laptop and it’s not too bad an app.
  7. Neewbiest guy

    Neewbiest guy Member

    Almost anything except Mycelium dude. Especially if you use iPhone or apple products. It's still unsupported and your btc will get stuck in oblivion until you recover it with your security phrase in another wallet. I would avid it.
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  8. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Think electrum will work but not sure how good the app is for iPhone. Make sure you have the latest updates.
  9. Sdryx

    Sdryx Member

    Bread Wallet.
  10. proken

    proken Member

    Coinbase has been good to me!
  11. bambam333

    bambam333 Member

    Exodus has been my favorite
  12. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    Cashapp and then transfer to another anonymous wallet before sending to whoever.
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  13. TheSpectre

    TheSpectre Member

    Same here. I know it's not "as secure" as some others, but the currency only stays for an hour, tops.
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  14. Piromanu87

    Piromanu87 Junior Member

    I use Mycellium.