Wallets and their ridiculous fees

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by penche, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. penche

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    has anyone else experience ridiculous fees with these bitcoin wallets? Was going to make a small $65 purchase and mycelium wallet was charging me $20 for their network fee. Are you fing kidding me?!
    Was going to switch over to Breadwallet but heard it’s still going on with them also. What gives?
  2. ulfbehrt

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    YIKES lol
  3. Skull

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    I have a feeling that bitcoin is going to become mpre of a hassel to us the consumers than what its worth. ...I see it happening right before my eyes everyday. Yes it is rather nice that you dont have to leave the comfort of your own house to place orders but fuck guys, all i keep seeing an hearing is how bitcoin is becoming a fuckin pain in the ass with all their rules, regulations, an bullshit fuckin fees. Idk i jus wanted to add my 0.02 an rant a lil about this awesome new bitcoin vendetta lol. @penche you my homie, you know that brotha an i hope all this bullshit gets sorted for ya. Im on that fuck bitcoin shit kick right now bahahahaha
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  4. Deisel26

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    Bread wallet doesn’t charge me that much
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  5. master.on

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    You forgot to mention volatility.

    Why dig for gold when you can scam the golddiggers?
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  6. TSud

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    Are you talking about bitcoin or the wallet Coinbase? The reason i ask is because im not aware of any fees bitcoin charges.
  7. DrinkFlintWater

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    Probably referring to mining fees..
  8. DrinkFlintWater

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    I know these fees and issues are discouraging, however, bitcoin/crypto is absolutely a great route to explore, not just for sending $$ to sources but investing as well..
    Someone on here just said it best, "bitcoin shouldnt be used to transfer etc but rather best used a buy and hold tool" or "hodl" (some may get that)
    Some sources have realized this and have already began accepting other forms of crypto(ltc, eth, etc).
    This is still "new"...the technology within this is advancing at an extremely fast rate...all the kinks, hiccups etc are and will work themselves out...
    This is not a bubble, fad etc, bitcoin and crypto is here to stay. Its just a waiting game at this point...
    Two things i want to mention or bring up here...
    Recently, retail giant Amazon registered crypto domains...although they say they have no plans on accepting crypto now, if more interest demands it, eventually they might accept bitcoin as payment. Can you imagine what the price of btc will skyrocket up to then???
    Amazon just bought three domain names related to cryptocurrency

    Also, american express and santander bank just signed a deal with the ripple network...this should show you that banks are realizing the potential here and adapting..
    American Express, Santander team up with Ripple for cross-border payments via blockchain

    The point of this post is to basically say that while these issues are present, just give it time...these companies are striving to make this market consumer friendly as that is what keeps their purpose alive; to make $$$
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  9. TSud

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    I agree. When companies like amazon and american express start excepting these forms of payments, it WILL make people take notice and theres no telling how high things will go from there.
  10. 23inch

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    As bitcoin popularity is growing and the demand for bitcoins is much higher, there are transactions being created at a much faster speed than the network can process and this is creating a bottleneck. It has nothing to do with wallets and will sort itself out.
  11. rpbb

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    I just went from coinbase, to breadwallet, to a supplier, and I thought the fees were minimal
  12. penche

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    Seems Breadwallet charges less been using them lately. $5 fee for $500 order. I can live with that
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  13. Add money to your coinbase for FREE and transfer it to gdax for free.
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    Then get a crypto debit card with low fees and you are GOOD TO F**KING GO BROTHER
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  14. jJjburton

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    I spent 150 for bitcoin and evded up with 110 dollars total after trafer fees.

    I also bough 75 dollars and ended up with 62 dollars of bitcoin after fees such bullshit.
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  15. Morefyah

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    That’s crazy! Coinbase fees really aren’t that bad. I think it was like $7 or $8 to buy like $700 dollars in bitcoin. Is that a lot of $?
  16. jJjburton

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    Yea but then trafering to another site to buy alotcoin is another fee. Then trefersing it into ur wallet is another. So it adds up. coinbase stright to wallet isnt bad. But contant day trading can be 25 dollars of fees a day with 100 dollars.
  17. Morefyah

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    Yeah if that’s your hustle then the fees must add up. They do get you again transferring to wallet. I don’t think there’s a fee to transfer it back to your bank account.
  18. penche

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    Gettin ridiculous again with these fees. One day it cost $5 to send 40 from private wallet. Next day fees doubled. Scared to even use the economy settings for less mining fees because I’ve heard the transaction can get stuck. Fml
  19. Beano223

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    If these fees continue to be this high I’ll go right back to western union it’s not that much more convenient anyway when you consider all the private info they ask for now while setting up a wallet
  20. Oldman.

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    The fees are only bad on sites that are not traceable ;)

    You pay for protection. Yes they have your personal information but once the sent payment is tumbled the transfer can not be traced. Well not afordably.

    Wait until a wu transaction gets stuck and you have to explain things to get your money back. I hope you are a good bullshitter.
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