Wallets and their ridiculous fees

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by penche, Nov 17, 2017.

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    Wtf did I just read.
  2. Oldman.

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    I meant to say that person to person hard transfer is cheap and not traceable.

    The wallet fees are rediculous on some sites yes. But the transaction is encrytped and you pay for that security.
  3. sinewave3

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    Wanted to avoid Coinbase last weekend, wallets also ask for a lot of info, and localbitcoins prices were high.

    Tried Bitquick since they advertised 2% fee. I saw the mining fee as .000005 bitcoins or whatever, it seemed insignificant with all the zeros but spent 400 and got a bit over 300 in my wallet after fees.

    Damn vultures and their fees!
  4. Oldman.

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    Local bitcoin is only expensive on the surface. Most person to person are spot plus .03-.05

    That sounds expensive but the irs is more.
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  5. penche

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    Well fuk that’s rape!
  6. sinewave3

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    I made a noob mistake by not converting the mining fee to dollars. Their could have also been a price drop between the time I purchased and when I got my transfer as well. Learned for next time!
  7. Gbro

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    I put $150.00 into coinbase. I then transferred to bread. By the time all is said and done, I have $121 in bread. I will NEVER use BTC again. I cost me almost 20%. Fuck that.
  8. penche

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    I hear you man it’s not just bread it’s also other wallets too. I believe litecoin will now be the crypto to use
  9. MythotiK

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    I just tried to use bitcoin for my MedLab purchase......

    For a 31 dollar order the fee is now 17.00!!!!!!

    3 weeks ago I purchased from Pcom and the fee was 3.99

    (Via Coinbase)
  10. Oldman.

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    Stop using coinbase for illegal buys! They will lock tour account.

    Never forget person to person.
    The vendors need to stsrt
    Taking printed crypto.
  11. MythotiK

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    Ummm, been using it for 3 years for one purpose, zero issues only because I'm smarter than most
  12. penche

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    Them fees are still sky high. I sent myself $10 from Coinbase to private wallet. Received $5. Dam
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    Damn P, sorry to hear that man. I still dont have one of those account's yet lol. Are they charging $5 for each individual transaction or is every 5 gettin taken away out of every $10??? I do like the idea of doing the whole process while kickin it at home. Ive been a cheap ass an didn't want to pay their fees smh lol. I guess technically even if im doin cim, it still costs $ to send the shit smh lol. Damn it, were just fucked either an all the way aroun :(;):D:p:cool:
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  14. penche

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    Seems it’s taking half I’m sure if the amount was larger it wouldn’t be as much. Although with that little test I stil can tel the fees are stupid. Litecoin is about .80c if I transfer $10 if that. So taking half my amount is rape. Back to MG or WU for my some of my main players
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  15. DrinkFlintWater

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    I agree. I've been playing around with it... Pretty cool platform. Although, I managed to lock myself out of my bank account by answering a security answer wrong... Apparently my bank knows better than me about where I went to middle School. :(
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  17. DrinkFlintWater

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    It has fingerprint 2fa! Im playing around with it now....
    Edit-not 2fa just a way to get into app. Still liking it so far.
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  18. MythotiK

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  19. MythotiK

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    Well fuck that app, it's asks for name, address, phone, then my SS#!!!!

    Ya sorry, you can kiss my ass