Walmart Tilapia Vs. Costco

Discussion in 'Nutrition / Supplements Forum' started by Notits, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Notits

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    Is anyone eating the tilapia that is available at walmart. I usually get the stuff at costco but I noticed that walmart in my area has it cheaper. It looks alot different however. The tilapia I get at costco is a clean white and and the stuff at walmart is like a pinkish/red in places. Is there a taste or texture difference in the two. Its literally half the price at walmart, and sometimes I will eat 7lbs in a week or more depending, so its a substantial amount of money I could be saving. If anyone has tried it let me know what they think, im headed out this evening to drop a small fortune on food to last me the next 2 weeks.||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&topnav=national
  2. Oregonstrong

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    I have noticed Costco is more expensive for meat. Also I would check and see if either of them are "wild caught", not "farm raised". I don't know of any stores where you can buy wild caught tilapia but I know that at costco you can buy "wild caught" cod and Hancock. That is what I buy when I am out of salmon. I am sure you have read the horror stories of how those farm raised tilapia are fed.

    If you lived in the Pacific Northwest you could go out and catch wild salmon in the bays and rivers. Here is my haul from Saturday caught about a mile upriver from the ocean.........

  3. Notits

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    Beautiful stuff right there my friend. As far as i know all tilapia is farm unfortunately.
  4. Oregonstrong

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    Check out the cod and Hancock fillets at Costco Notits. That would be the way to go for store bought frozen fish IMO.
  5. brutus79

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    Costco will be a much higher quality meat- no doubt about it.
  6. Notits

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    I'm kind of banking on that, just based on how it looks. The Wal-Mart stuff looks strange.
  7. Notits

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    I grabbed a couple bags of the cod tonight too. I also got some of the lean ground beef, need to get more of this in my diet for sure.
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  8. brutus79

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    Costco has a commitment to quality over just price... Wal-Mart/Sam's is just about the dollar.

    That being said taste is a matter of preference- maybe you will like the cheaper stuff better. The only issue is that the Wal-Mart shit probably has a shit ton of mercury, antibiotics, hormones and whatever other nasty shit you pump in fish so they can survive in subpar living conditions to save cultivation money.
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  9. rutman

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    Only kind of meat I'll buy at Walmart is hot dogs...maybe

    I buy all my chicken and Kirkland egg whites at costco.

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  10. infraredline

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    Walmart also adds preservatives to all their meat (some stores have started including a label that indicates that on the packaging the meat is sold in)
  11. HuckingFuge

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    I don't have a Costco in my area, but Sam's is a world apart from Wal-mart. Sam's is exactly like Costco. I don't buy any meat from Wal-mart.

    Tilapia is trash fish. you would be best served buying Cod, Salmon, Tuna, and Halibut. Salmon and Tuna have gone up to much for me to mess with anymore. I love Salmon and Cod. I need to move to Washington so I can fish for Salmon or Trout everyday :D
  12. Voltrader

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    I am going to throw this out there I know we can control what we eat but we ares so worried what Wal-mart puts in its meat. How about what the Chinese put in the raws? Just saying.
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  13. Notits

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    I'm just worried more about how it tastes. I don't want to have to try and eat it after i have puked it back up. Don't get me wrong I'm not excited about all the shit they put in the fish, and especially not what we are getting in our raws/gear either. Good point Vol.
  14. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    I'm going with @Notits on this one- as a 20 year cocaine and heroin addict I am far less conerned about what I am injecting (as long as it does the job) than the taste of the shit I have to force feed myself. That Wal-Mart meat looks like it tastes... shit.
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  15. Voltrader

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    @Notits @brutus79 Hey if it all boils down to taste then yes I agree with both of you.
  16. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Tne has a nasty taste but I like it!
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  17. Hardtokill

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    Something about knowing how they raise tilapia just turned me off of it. And I am with Brutus after putting God knows what up my nose for a few years I will take my chances with some gear. If that shit didn't kill me he gear doesn't stand a chance.

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  18. JK Ventures

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    Costco's Kirkland brand of tilapia is farm raised. ..unfortunately.
  19. insaiyan93

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    The tilapia at walmart is fine. Same as anywhere else experience, it's a bland white fish, no different from what I've had from Safeway or costco imo. It cracks me up how people can worry about what farm raised fish are n fed but have no problem pumping synthetic hormones into their body lol. Of course, fresh fish or wild caught fish is going to be better, but farm raised stuff isn't going to hurt you.
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  20. rutman

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    What about all the chicken everybody eats? They're not running around in a farm somewhere until it's "their time". It's crazy how they raise the chickens so fast! I'll eat shit if it'll make me grow!
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