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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by TigerStyle1, Sep 8, 2004.

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    TigerStyle1 Junior Member

    This post is to see how many bro's would like to be able to make their own gear. The main advantage of making your own gear is how cheap it is since you'd be averaging $1-$2 per ml for test and $2-$3ml for Deca etc.

    Actually in my opinion the best part of producing your own gear is simply knowing that's it's 100% real and accurately dosed.

    All you have to do is order the powders domestically, which btw I have to bump rphen***....received in 1day. Then everything else you need can be ordered from getpinz.com, also received in 1day. Then it takes about 2 hours to make the gear....anyone can do it.

    For the hypochondriacs, which I am, you can be more certain the gear is sterile by making it yourself!!!
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    gman67 Junior Member

    We've been doing it...where have you been?? :D
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    TigerStyle1 Junior Member

    Of course alot of you do.... but obviously most of the bro's on here DON'T...

    I've been making my own for years....it's the only way to go.
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    _Chris_ Junior Member

    Have been thinking about this myself lately but the thought of un-sterile gear causing an abscess puts the sh!ts up me! How do you ensure the gear is 110% sterile? Is baking it enough?
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    gman67 Junior Member

    How many yrs?? I didn't know they were available yrs ago.
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    gman67 Junior Member

    110% sterile,,forget it. You introduce bacteria everytime you draw.

    With ba and filtering you've got a sterile enough solution for injection. How do you think these ug labs make it.
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    TigerStyle1 Junior Member

    Sterility is everyones concern for UG homemade gear.

    The fact is there are so many ways to ensure sterility that I trust gear I've made over any major pharacuetical companies gear, especially gear produced in amps. When you break open the amp you are allowing all kinds of air borne particles to enter the oil.

    When making your own you heat it to a temp which no virus or bacteria could withstand. Plus you add Benzyl Alcohol to further ensure sterile. Then on top of this you filter it using a .45 micron syringe filter. These filters will filter out particles hundreds of times smaller then needed to cause an abscess.
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    galaxie Junior Member

    you have peeked my interest.. I have always considered making it just figured it was to complex. considering the bank i have dropped and the gamble at times it seems like the way to go....
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    pump55 Junior Member

    Anyone know of any good sources of info for getting started, books, websites ect...?
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    MaxRep Member

    Certainly there are some advantages. There are also disadvantages.

    For example; do the people you live with know you use steroids? Because it's a little hard for everyone not to see the mad scientist in the kitchen with oils, powders, solvents, filters, vials and measuring devices strewn around. And just when you think everyone's gone... someone forgot something and comes back home, walking in on you.

    And as far as actually making it, it's not really hard but you do need to know what you're doing. What type of oil, how much oil, how much BA, BB or any other solvents do you use... and the numbers all change depending on what you're making. Do you have the filters, vials, caps, stoppers and crimpers? What about the multiple flasks, funnels, stirrers and don't forget your scale which should be accurate down to 0.01g.

    However the more serious problem is: how much do you trust that little bag of powder to contain what it's supposed to contain. How many people do you suppose have thought about your order of 5 grams of anavar powder, which costs about $30/gram and thought... I'll save a little money by sending this yokel 5 grams of winstrol powder... which costs about $3/gram. So you just paid $150 for something that should have cost you $15. But, you use it and get the results you expected, so you're a happy Sucker.

    It would be a good idea to know your various melting points and use a melting point thermometer.

    Of course the same thing can happen with gear made by an UG lab so my point is, just be aware that things like that happen and making your own gear is no guarantee you're really making what you think you're making.

    So before you jump on the "make your own" bandwagon, consider the practicality, up front costs, messed up batches and uncertainty of product. If you're ok with these factors and can research it so you really know what you're doing, then give it a try.

    Good luck,
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    Moe-mentum Junior Member

    Dam, that IS interesting.
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    MANWHORE Member

    With the prices of UG gear now,i'd rather just buy it. As far as sterility goes,I get mine tested ;) .. ... Shit with the prices of UG gear,i can't even see making it yourself for profit. You can just buy and sell someone elses
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    unt0ld Junior Member

    Order them from....
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    MANWHORE Member

    I think we are about to go into dangerous territory here .. you can find out were to get your supplies from any UG source,if you know him good enough. .. just don't post his name on the board saying what a great guy he is for helping you out :)
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    liljunior Junior Member

    Holy shit batman!

    My god, how freakin cool???????
    In case you can't tell I am pretty excited about this...
    Are we able to expand on this? Can we go down this path??? Do ppl mind if I contact them for a little instruction? Or is this something we can display on the forum???

    I think it is coming accross as a good I dea for me as I live in the bullshit world of very tight customs....
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    Maetenloch Junior Member

    If you can bake a cake, you can brew up your gear. It's not THAT hard and you can get everything you need for under $75.
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    liljunior Junior Member

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    Mr. Shoulders

    Mr. Shoulders Junior Member

    I have been making my own gear for some time now and I have to say that it is the best way to go...I control all the ingriedients as well as the potentcy and am down with the process...All my powders are 98% + pure and I have saved thousands of $$$
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    unt0ld Junior Member

    I dont know any UG guys.. Buuut that would be cool if I did! If thats the only way to get the powders.
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    MANWHORE Member

    If you knew a UG guy,you probably wouldn't want the powder when you saw his list lol

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