Want to solve this..tren bloat.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by 54chev, May 30, 2015.

  1. 54chev

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    So ive ran tren many times. Everytime I run it, I bloat. Especially in the face, and my gut always has a full feeling. im currently running test at 300mg/wk and tren at 400mg/wk. I just introduced the tren roughly 2 weeks ago.

    Test + ai = no bloat.
    Test + ai + tren = fat face.

    My diet has not changed. I eat clean year round. On just test if I carb binge or eat foods high in sodium content I bloat for a day or 2, which is expected..however, when I bloat on tren, I "feel" bloated and also retain a good amount of water at all times. I drop the tren, bloat goes away.

    Other forums have discussed this but it never leads to anything or the op takes advice but never returns to discuss.

    I usually deal with it and run it through, fat loss and muscle gains are amazing but I dont fully see it until I drop it. Would like to enjoy the ride instead this time around.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. Benny

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    I don't have any answers, but I have to sub to this thread. What you said here falls in line with some of my tren experience. I have found it hard to eat a lot on Tren because I feel bloated. I added EQ to my current cycle in hopes it would drive my hunger to get all my macros each day.
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  3. 54chev

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    the bloat definitely sucks..feelin a little fat and slow at the moment because of it. My appetite increases drastically, most people I know, it suppresses it. Im eating roughly 3500 to 4000 cals a day and sometimes struggle to keep it at that. But the bloating from it doesnt help. The facial swelling, bloat, water retention just makes me feel like ass.
  4. MacDaddy

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    subbing in as well, Never had the issue in prior use, I reecently experience the exact same thing with my last. I have just concluded a 10 week/600mg/week cycle. In the last 10 days, down 12 pounds. Mostof those pounds have just fell off in the last 5 days or so. Diet is still clean, hydration is on point. Strength gains and fat loss is what i expected during cycle. The rapid loss over the last few days has me puzzled. I noticed a little bloat during the cycle but never thought it would account for that much. Curious if anyone has a solution or a way to limit the bloat.
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  5. Benny

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    Not sure if it will help or not, but I bought some dandelion root extract. I haven't started using it yet, but plan to. It will supposedly get rid of the water retention issue.
  6. 54chev

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    It would definitely help..ive taken diuretics and its relieved the bloating. Id like to get to the root cause of it though..i do not know for sure..but im thinking the full stomach feel of bloat and the water retention in face or body are two different things? assuming its not blood pressure, my guess is hormonal. Its almost the same feeling I get when I take pregnenolone..my face bloats out.
    Never had this issue when I took tren when I was younger, 22 to 26 off and on. But since 27+ it just happens...and it blows. I just started prami, for mood and it hardens me up good. If it takes the bloat down, maybe due to prolactin? Probably wont do anything for it..but who knows, well see.
  7. Ozzy619

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    Is the tren all from the same lab, sure your tren is actually tren?
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  8. flubber

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    I use low dose prami and low dose aromasin daily while on tren and testc and have no bloating and dick is hard as rock.
  9. 54chev

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    Its tren..first time with this lab but its definitely tren. Have taken tren from over 20 different labs over the last 10 years. .Some were shit some were awesome and some were ok. Luckily the one I have now is actually really good.
  10. 54chev

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    Would you bloat without the prami?
  11. DirtyRandy

    DirtyRandy Member

    You sure it's not estro related?
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  12. Notits

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    Time for bloods Chevy, cheap money for a quick answer.
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  13. 54chev

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    Im pretty sure. This only happens on tren. There is a chance I could be wrong, if tren is raising my e2 levels..ive been on test for 6 months and never had an issue with bloat. Taking 2mg of adex/wk..dont bloat until I add tren. running tren on its own does the same, and if I were to drop it right now..bloat disappears.
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  14. Notits

    Notits Member

    Your ai and is pharm?
    Is it possibly prolactin related?
    Does this happen on deca or npp?
  15. rigs03

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    I know that extreme constant bloated full feeling from tren, but only when I get into higher doses. So uncomfortable man. Never really found a way to reduce it other than lower the dose.
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  16. 54chev

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    Never taken deca or npp..
    It is pharm ai..I do have some research chems that I do know are legit, but would have to take 5mg to equal 2.

    It could be prolactin related, I was kind of more thinking progesterone related.
    I started prami last night, amazing drug. ive taken it before on tren cycles and bloat remained..so not so sure its prolactin. if any of you guys have emotional issues on tren, prami is like valium for me..even without being on anything. I just dont like to stay on it too long. Slow taper up and slow taper down. Knocks me out for a good 7 to 8 hrs. Kills any tren induced insomnia. Just a side note..might help some you guys out.
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  17. 54chev

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    I do need to get bloods actually..I did get them 2 months ago..same test dose, same ai and e2 was at 28, test was at 2600, different lab though.
    Im one of the guys that is in one of those states that likes to control who does our bloodwork..so I have to take a 3 hr roundtrip to get it. My doc will not do bloods..again. Which again, makes no sense to me.
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  18. rigs03

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    I never knew about prami helping with trensomnia, I'll have to look more into that
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  19. HuckingFuge

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    I'm leaning more to your diet and estrogen being the issue.
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  20. tubesox

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    Whens the last time you've had your liver values checked?
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