Want to try tren and winstrol cycle first time how to prevent gyno

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Newcomer, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Newcomer

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    I'm 6ft 1 255lbs I haven't worked out in a year but I want to do a winstrol and tren cycle but I don't want any symptoms of gyno I only want to do it if there is a way to stop gyno from happening 100% I have never done steroids I'm only going to do oral ones but if there is no way of stopping gyno 100% I would prefer to do a winstrol only cycle any advice will be apriciated I'm definitely going to get winstrol regardless with clomid as pct but any advice on dosage and times to take them and what else to use with it to stop gyno will be appreciated thanks
  2. puckhog

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    Nah. You need to do more research.
    First you say tren and Winstrol. Then you say orals only. Where is your testosterone in this terrible plan? How about some bloodwork to see if you are healthy enough for AAS.
    Just say no to drugs bud.
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    Do I need test and winstrol instead but how do you stop gyno
  4. kosta jeezy

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    Do more research so you don't gyno
  5. DedLift

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    You aren't even close to being ready to cycle. Forget about Tren and Winny. How about proving you can get to the gym every day without the use of aas? How about building a decent foundation and educating yourself about the use of steroids in the meantime so you dont fuck yourself up. How bout that instead?
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    AAS and you haven't worked out in a year? You should run a cycle at a peak in your training so you break into new levels, not when you arent even hitting the gym.

    You seem incredibly worried about gyno too..... Almost way too worried.

    No one does oral only.

    Basic starter kit is test e for 12 weeks at 250 or 500, depending on your age and training.

    Winstrol is better run with low body fat. 6'1,,255, not training... I'm going to assume you're not ripped enough to even consider Winny...

    Spend some time reading, and learning. Train hard for a year or two then think about AAS
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    I want to use winstrol to lose weight I've read up a lot that it's great for cutting fat and gives you that extra stamina
  9. Newcomer

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    What are the side effects from test e as if it has gyno and hair loss I would rather just do a winstrol only cycle to eliminate that risk
  10. Gbro

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    That's your response after reading everything posted above?!
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    You're fat because you eat too much. That's how it works. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less. Winny isn't a magic pill to take you from rolly polly to shredded Stud.
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    Haha well I'm doing it regardless I may do a few weeks of training before I start the cycle but yeh and can't I just turn most of this to muscle fast anyway as I have the mass I just need the right roid
  13. Gbro

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    It's obvious you've done your research and know what to do. We were just testing you. Start a log so we can watch your progress.
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    Funny well I've done some research but I needed more info hence why I asked here I didn't come to be told not to do it or to be quizzed I came for additional information thanks for your help
  15. Thinkbig

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    All the gear in the world won't help you lose weight. Diet does that. Trust me. I've tried
  16. Gbro

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    You did get additional information, you just didn't like what you heard.
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    your worried about gyno ? your going to shut your natural test production down that means no erections, that's a hell of a price to pay for a cycle that wont work.
    you have no clue what your doing but your determined your going to do it, go ahead and do it but say good bye to a hard dick.
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  18. Newcomer

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    I've not read that many people have had that problem and even if it did it is only
  19. Ironlord

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    Did you just say "turn this fat to muscle?"!!
    Are you 12?

    Completely different cells bro... You can't turn one into the other... Geez.. Do yourself a favor and educate before you inject...since you're going to do it anyway apparently, despite the advice of those of us with knowledge...
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    Steroids are not fat burners. Jesus Christ.
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