Warming Oil Degrade Gear?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Oncewild, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Oncewild

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    So I’ve had this question kicking around the back of my head for a while after all the recommendations of warming oils before pinning or reduce pip. I don’t like using water and had heard of using a candle warmer—which my redneck version equals a cast iron skillet. I just put the gas to low and warm, not cook the gear. This go round is NPP and DHB plus test. So long as I’m not cooking the shit out of it each time—any worries of degrading the gear? Each vial only gets warmed like 6 times.

    Lastly, the DHB I’m using just noticed my 2nd vial crashed. Thinking due to low temp of my house this time of year. So I warmed it longer and swirled till it went back into solution fully before drawing to pin. If that continues each time around—should I be concerned about having to use that much heat each time breaking it down?
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    You would need much more heat to actually damage the compound. Perfectly fine warming it a bit to flow easier or to get back into solution. As for the dhb I pray it doesn’t crash in your leg.
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  3. Test_Subject

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    Warming is fine. You won't hurt it by using a heating pad etc.

    A frying pan wouldn't be my first choice.
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    I just leave mine under running hot water while I'm getting ready, just warming a bit helps a lot. That area of my house can get very chilly in winter and I've never had any issues with my gear crashing, not dhb though. In a pan on the stove wouldn't be my first choice but if it works...
  5. Ophydian

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    You don’t need to heat the vial each time. Pull gear in syringe, warm syringe. Less product to warm.
  6. SuperSwede

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    Suck up the gear in the syringe, take of the needle, micro wave it a few seconds.

    Edit: draw up the plunger so all the gear is inside the chamber, and not on the syringe tip
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  7. Rosconow

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    I wouldn't microwave it. Oil boils quick. Get a small bowl of hot water fill to rim. Put loaded syringe across top of bowl. Radiant heat will warm the oil nicely. Done.

    No fear of degradation this way, microwave, not so much....
  8. Arcânn

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    The type of advice I see on here sometimes never ceases to amaze me
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    my pharmacy sends instructions to heat it in hot water if the test crashes during winter shipment. don't microwave it.
  10. Oncewild

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    Thanks gents. Puts my mind at ease.
  11. Urgentfury12

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    I use a heating pad on low for 15min. Works perfect.
  12. Iron Vett

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    You guys over think this. A hairdryer laying on the counter pointing at the vials for a couple of minutes works great.
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  13. On my prescribed vial and box of T it says “warming and shaking the vial may help redissolve any crystals that may have formed during storage at temperatures lower than recommended” So no you won’t ruin it
  14. SuperSwede

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    You never tried so i think you should just stay away and be quit.
    I talk about 3-4 seconds in a micro wave, not 1 minute.

    You can try this,
    Put the syringe up your anus, keep it there for some hours.
    Take it out, lick it clean, then use it..
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  15. eje1990

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    This is what I do but with the syringe with the draw needle on. Before I switch to the pin needle.
  16. Rosconow

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    And while you have the needle off your syringe.... you can sneeze, cough, food bacteria from your nuker, into your gear....

    You sound very amateurish. Good luck with your future abscesses.

  17. ickyrica

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    Does anyone know what temperature ranges the plastics syringes are made from can withstand before they begin to leach into the oil they're containing?

    We have the oil in a glass vial with a stopper that are both rated to deal with an elevated heat level. This we know to be a safe and effective container for a reheating process.

    Plastic has the ability to leach BPA. Use you heads folks, stay safe. This topic has been covered before.

    Dutch report reveals millions of syringes are leaching BPA and BADGE | Health Care Without Harm
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  18. Rosconow

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    Ive read before that the plastics can even be leached out in a short time due to solvents used in gear. More so the ugl stuff.
  19. SuperSwede

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    You keep it in the syringe package.. you know the plastic package around the syringe.
    If it had worked out for 20+ years, i think it will work in my future without abscesses.

    Tomorrow you will wake up, a bit more dumber than yesterday.
  20. Gbro

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    Remember that one guy that took a flamethrower to his syringe?