WARNING: Naps Customer Database Compromised

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  1. WARNING: Naps Customer Database Compromised

    Naps' customer database has been hacked and published online. I have confirmed with 100% certainty that the list purported to belong to Naps is accurate.

    The list contains order numbers, customer names, billing addresses, shipping addresses, shipping names, telephone numbers, bank and credit card transfers and email addresses, going all the way back to January 1, 2013.

    Anyone who ordered from Naps between January 1, 2013 and October 21, 2015 should check to see if their personal information appears on the list.

    This is a MASSIVE SECURITY BREACH of Naps' servers.
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    Thanks for the heads up
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  4. Ironwill1999

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    Where can we find the list?
  5. gr8whitetrukker

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    Colombo is on the case again!
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    What a way to undermine the competition.

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    This info has been published on truefighter.org
    A webpage created by someone who believes his brother was killed by naps gear and is hellbent on bringing down the ugl he believes is responsible or at the very least, creating enough controversy to negatively affect it's business
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    Well shit..
  9. what happened to sources not keeping customer info that long fucking idiot Naps
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  10. sin

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    Wow. Had a look through, a fake natty from my gym has his name in there along with email and phone number. Actually there are a few people I know who's information was posted.
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    Wow. I just took a peek at that website. Thanks for.
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    This is not good.
  13. Dw725

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    Damn. I figured all that nonsense would turn out to be just that. Now that it seems the information leaked is accurate, what will be the reach of the consequences of all this
  14. Big_paul

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    NAPS has been denying this for over 2 weeks since we first heard of the problem! How many Pinocchios is this worth?
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    Were you able to download the whole file? I tried and for some reason I wasn't able to. Lol at the fake natty.. print that shit up and hang it all over your gym.
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  16. Dw725

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    No reason to put someone on blast for wanting to hide their illegal activity. There are more reasons than fitness related ones to hide/deny steroid usage.
  17. sin

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    Ya, it worked on my phone. And I'm debating it lol, dude is a prick. He is 6 ft and 205 shredded and talks shit about other members looking like shit all the time. Phenomenal physique but just a total tool. Maybe ill create a new email and "I know what you did last summer" him hahaha

    P.s. I have no intention of actually exposing him.,just funny to joke about.
  18. Dw725

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    Well.... In that case...
  19. acoll83

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    Hahaha yea fuck him. It's just nice knowing now that all the time you speculated that he was full of shit, that he was.

    Also it's something that you can just pull out of your back pocket if you ever had to and roast his ass.
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    If this is all true then they will be running for cover. Sounds mean spirited this all is IMO.