Was your first cycle really as good as everyone said it would be?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Morefyah, Jun 14, 2018.

Was your first cycle really as good as everyone said it would be?

  1. Yes is was incredible I gained 20lbs and lost 3% bF.

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  2. No my second cycle was better then my first.

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  3. No my cycles just keep getting better over time.

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  1. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    I understand that 500mg Test only cycles are safe, and a proven effective. Though saying it will be and should be your best and most productive cycle is kinda played out. Enough already!
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  2. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    I am interested to hear everyone's thoughts. I have my first cycle ready to go 600mg test cyp. Just waiting until August to run my first cycle.
  3. Apexvallen

    Apexvallen Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Definitely not as much to my liking as I anticipated. I underestimated how much food i'd need tbh.
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  4. TheH0517

    TheH0517 Member

    Mine wasn’t as amazing as I wanted it to be. I have this issue with getting anxious at the thought of attaining my physique goals overnight.

    It was 500mg Test and I ate around 3,600 calories. I gained about 20lbs, about 3-4 were kept (again because I wanted to get cut up overnight and decreased calories too fast).

    I did, however, gain tons of strength because I ran PH3 from Layne Norton and it was the first strength based program I had ever run.

    What I did do more than anything is gain tons of knowledge and it’s helped to improve AND KEEP my progress. But I never stop learning. At the end, I was still happy with my results and what I learned from it.
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  5. CAswole

    CAswole Member

    Only now after about 4 years am I really getting the hang of this and keeping gain. Lots of time and $ used up experimenting
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  6. SuperSwede

    SuperSwede Member

    My first cycle was back in 1996, dbol for 6 weeks.
    I blew up like a ballon. It was not so pleasant.
    I was young and very stupid.
  7. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    Mine was good. I was stupid. Went from 240 to 270 give or take... 600 mg test and 600 mg deca. I had no idea what any of it was or what pct was. Just started jabbing on the advice of a buddy of mine. I figured 5 cycles and I would be 400lbs at 3% bf... I learned about everything the hard way.
  8. Iron Frenchie

    Iron Frenchie Member

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  9. JohnnyD

    JohnnyD Member

    First cycle back in 2002, nervous as hell to inject, went in with a shaking hand.
    It was omnadren 500mg, with a dbol kick start. Fcking loved every minute of it, made great gains
  10. DrankSlangin

    DrankSlangin Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    My blasts continue to get more effective as I gain experience. Biggest thing I’ve learned: nutrition is everything and a dramatic difference in quality of gains when diet is dialed in. Also knowing which compounds work best for me and dialing in dosage just makes each one more efficient than the last.

    My first one I put on the most weight but also had the highest bodyfat and water retention increase.
  11. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    I'll tell you- it didn't click how much a person needed to eat until I met @mands ... @johnnyBALLZ and I started working out together and I started to really pay attention to macros. That was when I could hold 275 off cycle. Then we had dinner with @mands and seeing that mountain of meat made me realize I needed to start force feeding... got to 292. Pretty much felt worse than I ever felt in my life- had to lay down on the floor to put on shoes, mouth breathing loud enough to wake the dead. Horrible sleep.

    So food was big- but hgh was def a game changer.

    I must have jerked off 50000 times my first cycle though. I had like 4 chicks at the time and still just walked around with a rager. Jesus.
  12. CptnCaveman

    CptnCaveman Member

    First cycle was ok,500mg Test e gained about 18lbs most of it was water. I’m getting better with diet and training, so my cycles get better. So far I have 3 of them under my belt.
  13. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

    The more you read the more you learn about the sides. Thought it was all positives when I started. Definitely learn more the longer you stay in the game.
  14. GoldBB

    GoldBB Junior Member

    Mine was test-c 500mg. I was cutting before I started, so switching to a surplus + all the test made gains easy. I did gain the full 20lbs and stayed around 12%bf.
  15. Back when i started, i knew absolutely nothing, thought more was better and made an absolute mess of my first cycle.

    Sure, i gained weight, got strong as an ox, but i knew nothing of AI's, or "anti E's" as we called them back then, thankfully i knew enough to run nolva.

    Thought i looked great. Mirror doesn't lie, my ass. Had a picture taken at about the peak of my foolishness with AAS and was absolutely floored by how bloated and moon faced i looked.

    i've learned alot since then, thankfully. Slow and steady is the pace for this marathon.
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  16. DedLift

    DedLift Member

    It's a solid plan to start with the main staple (test) alone. Then as one continues to cycle, add a single extra compound so one knows how their body reacts to the addition. If an inexperienced lifter just starts out with a handful of things, he/she would have no idea which one was making them feel like shit or feel great. Its important to have an understanding of everything we put in our bodies
  17. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    My first 2 cycles weren't. No clue what I was doing. There was no internet then, not like now. Just a few losers advice. 3rd cycle, 20 years later was a break through. And the one I'm on now has been the best
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  18. anfee

    anfee Member

    I’ve learned that regardless of gear amounts or number of compounds used, nothing you take can out-train a poor diet.

    Macros. Macros. Macros. Once I started eating the exact same boring shit everyday so I knew what my macros were, I got strong. I got leaner. And I felt better. Everyone at my work makes fun of me because I eat the same thing every day. But I laugh at them because they all think a dad-bod is cool.

    Fuck that. At 6’3”, I’ve gone from 205 to 238 and have retained a bodyfat percentage of around 12% in the past year and a half. I got some abs, but I’m also putting up 400+ on bench and squatting closer and closer to 500lbs.

    I’ve learned that lower doses with test and NPP are a game changer, FOR ME. Keeps the sides away and my strength goes through the roof!
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  19. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Cycles seem to be getting better as I get wiser. Maybe it's my approach to the lifestyle that's improved?

    I'll tell ya that a little over 2 years in and I'm a much, much more hairy person that I was when I started. I can always walk away with that in my cap :)
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  20. heavylifter87

    heavylifter87 Member

    Test e at 375 a week about 12 weeks , gained a little but had already been training very hard for 5+ years and was 260. Second cycle 500 test 50 mg dbol that was real good . Gained 5-10 extra pounds