Water Boy [BAC Water USA]

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    Yep, that's it. Just BAC water. Nothing else.

    Each mL containts 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol (ratio that prevents bacteria from growing in it). I use distilled water.
    • 100 mL of bacteriostatic water, will contain 90 units of benzyl alcohol (0.9 mL).
    Going to be finishing off my bottle top filters, then will be using the glass filter for the future. Those membranes as they are hydrophobic will be wetted before usage.

    Hydrophobic filters will not wet in water but will wet in low surface tension liquids, for example, organic solvents such as alcohols. Some BA is ran through it to ensure that it is wetted, then aqueous solutions also will pass through.

    All glass, filters, and claveable plastic is washed, then soaked in a mixture 90% isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. They are then claved at 285°F for 180 minutes.

    $40 for 100mL
    $25 for 50mL
    $5 to cover conversion fees
    No shipping.

    BTC or LTC only.

    20180913_120006 - Copy.jpg 20180913_120014 - Copy.jpg 20180913_120022 - Copy.jpg 20180913_120032 - Copy.jpg 20180913_120233 - Copy.jpg newstuff - Copy.png
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    Well someone had to do it. I'm sure you'll probably do pretty well with it.
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    Nation wide shortage. Capitalism.

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    You're charging a fair price for the product and are doing it right so I'm all for that.

    I've seen sites wanting $35+ for 30ml because of the shortage so fuck those price gouging mofos. For those not wanting to make their own your option is a good alternative.
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    Are you really hghpro?o_O
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    If I was I would owe myself 85% of my testing fees.
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    Do you offer store credit for bloodwork?
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    Now post pics of your wife or girlfriends titties with meso and today's date and inventory or gtfo! Lol
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    Now THIS is what I'm talking about, FINALLY!
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    images (1).jpeg
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    Welcome brother, I will take one for the team and buy some of this, but i warn you, im going to test the shit out of it , full spectrum of testing ok my friend ? I will do it all, and the outcome of these rigorous tests which i will surely do, i wouldnt lie, will determine if you sink or swim on this site. If they pass the testing you will have more orders and money than you know what to do with, ok my brother ?

    p.s also placing an order for my daddy who is elderly and dying, whose life is essentially in your hands by sending poor product you could kill him so bare that in mind my brother

    p.p.s also my mommy works for the water board and has 20+ years in the water field and ive convinced her to try some of your water, she knows whats good and what isnt. Also she is elderly and frail too

    Just to make it clear incase you didnt get it from my first 3 paragraphs of totally made u while i act as a martyr

    Take care my brother, funds sent friend
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    Its an insult to Rock climber

    Who claimed all these things in the hgh pro thread but never got any testing or anything done once he sufficiently lied and arse licked the source enough to get his product
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    Yes, but BAC water blood testing protocol is different. You must be on for 100 weeks, and the blood has to be drawn from your urethra. During the 2nd full moon of the month.
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    Now go and get your money little bac water boy!! Get money
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    how much for ALL your bac water? Do you accept crypto?
  18. When I told you to go out and get a job I didn’t mean as a water boy.
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    I just about shit my drink out
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