ways to lower DHT???

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    RedRec Junior Member

    Hello all,

    I am on TRT and my DHT has creeped well over the normal range and I have started to get hair in places that I don't want, and see myself losing hair in places that I do want, like on my head.

    DHT level was 118, while on 60mg of test E3D. (600mg a month)Test level was in the low 800's.

    I dropped my dose down to 40mg of test E3D (400mg a month) to bring down the DHT, but I felt better on the higher T dose. (60MG)

    I'm looking to raise my T again without raising DHT. My question is this:

    I know Saw Palmetto can bring down DHT, but can it have the same negative effects on the HPTA as propecia and those other DHT meds do? I mean, I hear these horror stories about what DHT blockers have done to people. My guess is Saw Palmetto, although natural can possibly, and probably do the same damage.

    Is that true?

    If so, is there another way (Besides lowering my test) to keep DHT down without screwing with my HPTA any further than it already is?

    I think I know the answer to this but I am asking anyway. In hopes that there my be a way.
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    mac111 Member

    dont waste money on crap like saw palmetto, its just a herb and wont do jack. stuff like proscar is you're only way......

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