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  1. It continues (the log anyway, the fun never stopped.)

    Training is my own programming this time around that I've been using for the past couple months and will continue to moving forward. Pics are all taken in the A.M no pump post piss.

    Gear is 300 test p 450 mast p. GH isn't in play right now but might be if needed (tbh not really needed right now).

    About 1.5 weeks into the blast.

    Weight is in the low 200's.

    Goal: look as freaky as possible, add as much size as possible, continue to lean out, and lift some disgusting weights.

    "starting" pics:

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  2. Training took place this morning at around 430AM, today was an arms session.

    Alternated tricep movement with biceps. Did dips between benches with about 4 plates on my lap using a 3 second eccentric and a 1 second flex at the top for 10 rep sets (feet were on a bench too because more weight).

    I generally start any tricep work with a higher rep pressdown movement too - I actually think this is the one muscle group that responds well to conventional "pre-exhaust" before going into a heavy movement (usually arm training will contain a dipping movement AND a tricep pressing movement: usually a JM press or a CGBP (reverse band) ).

    I didn't perform JM press today because right now volume is being waved and I am in the middle stage of the program where volume will be increased and today was an increased volume session so I want to slowly roll out the heavy hitting tricep builders so I don't prematurely blow my training load and having nothing to progress to in a week.

    Calf work was performed too, painful as always.

    Tomorrow will be leg session 1 of the week - likely doing a chain yoke bar box squat working up to a heavy 8 @ rpe 9, followed by a 5 @ rpe 9, then finishing off with a 3 @ rpe 9 - maybe a drop set or something to follow but probably not because I did one last week. Will use a lower box this week than last week and probably a 3 second eccentric.
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    Subbed for the scantily clad pics! Lol, good to see you start a log. I feel like we used to have a lot more logs on Meso...
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  4. I'm shameless when it comes to exposing the members of this board to myself in my most primitive form.

    I enjoy it because it's the only way to provide honest information about what the drugs and training are doing. Or maybe I'm just a degenerate. Both are good.
  5. As always, good to have you present in this log @ickyrica
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    Good to see you around again WC. Here's to you really putting the freak on!
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    1) Because nice legs..

    2) Because who doesn't Test and Mast prop???

    What is your dosing protocol through the week?

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  9. Good morning god dammit!

    Got up at around 340 this morning because I deserve the extra 10 minutes. Got to the gym at around 440 after consuming my meal (no stimulants ever because fuck stimulants).

    Upon waking morning post piss no pump pic:

    Mr masteron is doing his thing. (I mean the drug, not that weirdo that posts on this forum).

    Today was leg session 1 of the week.
    Started off with standing leg curls, just straight sets with perfect form.

    Then came the party.

    Yoke Bar Box Squat w/ a 3 second eccentric (Reverse Band)
    The goal on this was to work up to a hard 8 @ rpe 9, a hard 5 @ rpe 9, and finally a hard 3 @ rpe 9.5

    This is what my progression looked like
    Warm-up set 1: 315lbs x 8 w/ 1 green reverse band per side
    Warm-up set 2: 365 x 8 w/ 1 green reverse band per side
    Warm-up set 3: 385 x 8 w/ 1 green reverse band per side

    Working set 1: 405 x 8 w/ 1 green reverse band per side
    Working set 2: 425 x 8 w/ 1 green reverse band per side
    Working set 3: 445 x5 w/ 1 green reverse band per side
    Working set 4: 455 x 3 w/ 1 green reverse band per side

    All in all, I am happy with this, last week I did 455 for 10 however I was using chain tension as well as the reverse band so needless to say, that was A LOT EASIER than this week - just using the reverse band with plates. I'm strongest where the chains become the heaviest so I can really throw them on and this movement and not notice too much, but straight plates with a reverse band is a killer.

    All of those were performed using a 3 second eccentric. I didn't do a drop because I did one last week and the TUT was incredible enough to the point of extremely painful pumps.

    *Record broken*

    Followed by occluded high rep leg press using a sub-maximal load but with BFR (tied off legs), then finished off with some fairly heavy single leg leg extension with a hard contraction at the end. Did some KB Stiffleggeds but usually I perform heavy stiff leggeds or rdl's on the second leg day.

    I was going to do lunges instead of leg extension because I wanted a bit more glute emphasis but I the TUT on the yoke bar squats ravaged me hard so last thing I wanted was to be under weight for a stupid length of time again.

    That's all for today. Cya tomorrow!

    I should state that my bodyweight is going up slowly and I am eating quality digestible foods in what I assume to be a very mild caloric surplus, however with some AAS and quality ingredients I find I don't need as aggressive of a surplus to grow - and this minimizes bloat too which is nice. I can post more about what a day of eating looks like if anyones interested.
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    Who is this "weighted chinup" guy? I am having Vietnam-esque flashbacks or something...
  11. [​IMG]
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    Literally me...

    "Jimmy! Get outta the Jeep! There's a god damn gook gerrrrnaaade in it!" :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    "Ah, where am I?!" o_O

    Family reunions are tough for me....
  13. Upon waking morning post piss no pump pic(s):

    Both are taken this morning, both upon waking, just different angles or lighting.

    Happy with what the drugs are doing.

    Today was the second chest day of the week.

    Normally this day is usually about getting a decent pump but using movements that weren't really hit on the main chest day, not direct movements but if say Monday wasn't a very eccentric-loading dominant day or contraction heavy day than the pump day is where I would address that gap with accessory movements.

    Monday I did chain bench press (broke a record on that), banded machine press, and some flys and stretch pushups and some pretty standard iso work for shoulders with some band work thrown in.

    So today I wanted to focus on a little bit of everything for accessory movements, and I wanted to use more intense lift selection so I reduced the workload a tiny bit on the chest portion of this session.

    For the chest portion of this session I did a banded twist press using a red band (mostly for the eccentric of this lift although there is a hard concentric too), followed by banded pec deck fly (need to be really careful on these but your chest gets painfully sore and pumped on each rep), and some wide grip smith incline for high reps just to finish off.

    The shoulder session was mostly heavy weights for high reps but using partial reps and swings, so I did heavy lateral raise (swings), heavy rear delt raises (swings), and some barbell front raises leaning against a wall on an angle so I can get fucked even harder than normal by gravity.

    All in all it was a good day.
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  14. Here's a video of the banded pec deck fly if anyone is curios how the setup works:

    Although I use a neutral grip and a completely different leverage / seat position.
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  15. Upon waking morning post piss no pump pic(s):

    Both are taken this morning, both upon waking, just different angles or lighting.


    I think I can easily commit to daily photo updates, so once again we got ourselves a photo journal here.

    I like this approach because it provides useful feedback as to whats happening to both anyone who reads and for myself. Since this log isn't just about the poundage's being lifted but body composition as well, having both data points presented is better.

    And truthfully, body (re)composition logs with regular pictures are more entertaining to read, doubly so if workouts are included.

    Today was back, I generally only do back once a week because it's already a dominant part. I performed some straight arm pulldowns to start while the opposite hand that wasn't doing the pull down was doing an iso-hold with a red band (hard contraction), followed by some banded meadows rows (1 red band).

    Rack deads were the main "conjugate" lift in the rotation. This week they were being performed without chains or banded tension so I was just working up to a max set of 5 @ rpe 9 with just plates.

    These are performed using a mid-shin pin setting and a very controlled perfect form. Reps are performed rest pause style.

    Rack Deads
    Warm-up set 1: 315 x 5
    Warm-up set 1: 365 x 5
    Warm-up set 3: 385 x 5

    Working set 1: 405 x 5
    Working set 2: 425 x 5
    Working set 3: 445 x 5

    Not too far off from what I do with chains, maybe even higher, so I will call it a record broken.

    Then performed:

    Pull-ups with chains
    Set 1: bw + 1 chain (25lbs) x 8
    Set 2: bw + 2 chains (50bs) x 8
    Set 3: bw + 2 chains (50bs) x 8

    And finished off with some pullovers performed using the rope pull down station.

    Was a good day.
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    As the log progresses, you should post your daily photo with your starting pic next to it each time.... That will show truly how profound the results are.
  17. That's a good idea, but being the greedy asshole I am, why stop there?

    I think this will be my "before" pic for even more impact:


    We've come a looooong way, yes indeed.
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  18. Upon waking morning post piss no pump pic(s):

    Today was leg session 2:

    This session is obviously way less workload than the first leg session for obvious reasons and it's mainly for addressing whatever I feel needs extra focus on that training week.

    Today I did:

    Banded Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlifts
    using 1 red band (doubled over) per side. Worked up to RPE 9 for 8 reps, got up to 405lbs for 8, the bands were a real killer on these today.

    Then followed that up with some Glute Kickbacks (4 sets of 10 on those @ rpe 9), then some Occluded / Blood flow restricted Lying Leg Curls (some high rep sets on these using submaximal load since I was doing BFR.)

    Finished off with a banded 50 rep set on hack squat (just 1 set of this performed since you're under that weight for a long time in order to get all reps) using no plates but 2 green bands (150lbs of resistance each I believe) only working the ROM from parallel to just under lockout. This one takes the life out of you but I like to do it every so often as a shock. Nice to test your pain tolerance every so often.

    That's all for today. Sunday will be a rest day, and Monday is business as usual.
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    Subbed. Better late than never. Always enjoy reading about your training theories and seeing them in your logs @weighted chinup
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  20. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

    Training right now is based on variations in lift selection, accommodating resistance, and training mixed qualities concurrently (although modified for bodybuilding purposes)

    I usually alternate lift selection on the main lifts every 2-3 weeks (sometimes more frequently) in a strategic way that allows me to break a record every week for that movement. I might do Incline BB Press with varying reverse bands or chain tension for 2 weeks before switching to flat for example, I regulate this based on what's happening in the gym and what I feel needs the most work. I alternate bars and other variables too as needed.

    Accommodating Resistance:
    I use band tension, reverse band tension, and chains in a progressive way that will again allow me to break records on the main lift.

    Mixed Qualities:
    Max Effort: I don't do traditional max effort, not a fan. My version is just breaking a record / getting a PR that training day on that lift using whatever rep range I'm working in.

    Dynamic Effort: I do this on occasion because I actually think its great for hypertrophy, especially on bench, due to the intensities used. I do a bit higher reps than the usually 2-3 reps @ 70%, sometimes around 5-6 reps per set. I actually hear this is becoming more common in the strength world which is nice.

    Repetitive Effort: Plenty of this, its a bodybuilding program, so not much unique to say about this. Every now and then I do a movement for time: set a timer for 2-5 minutes and so stretch push-ups for example, aiming for 6-10 reps per minute and staying in the lift the whole time (even when taking a break). But aside from that, plenty of drops, extended sets, and high intensity techniques are used.

    Every now and then I do RE on my main lift (IE. Squat with a couple drop sets, but I still aim to break a record too, and I only do things like that on occasion since its too much. I save true RE work for secondary and tertiary movements, with the exception of squat or deads where I take liberties and get crazy with it).
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