Weak Erections, Low Libedo Excessive DHEA

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    Iggy_347 Junior Member

    This is my fist post on this board and If anyone online could help me this group of people are the ones to do it. Hope you have the time to help a fella out.

    I have had a problem maintaining erections my entire life I had the problem as a teenager and it has continued on into adulthood (29). I have always been able to quickly get a partial erection, but rarely a full, and I immediately loose it when stimulation stops or I change positions. Morning erections are pretty inconsistent I would have 2 or 3 days with them and like 2 or 3 where I have none....kinda comes and goes in cycles my libido is also weak (not many fantasies are dont really get excited by visual stimuli). I also had Premature Ejac. In the past the only thing that has helped me was that if I smoked MJ or worked out (strange) i would perform better for a little while. I also had symptoms of ADD and after going to a psyc I was put on Wellburtin 150 MG per day because it appeared that I had low dopamine. In the first 3 or 4 days I was immediately performing great if I thought about sex I got a nice full erection that stayed, but then the effects started to wear off and I was back to my crappy normal sexual performance. I had some tests done and got the following results.

    Estradiol - 1.5pg/ml Range <2.5
    Progesterone - 44 pg/ml Range <51
    PG/E2 Ratio - 27.7 Considered Low on their scale Males 200-300 Very strange
    testosterone 84.6 Range 30.1 - 142.5
    Testosterone Tested at different lab - 670 Range 300 - 1000
    DHEA 879.8 Range 137-336 This is crazy high!
    Cortisol Morning 9.8 Range 5.1 - 40.2
    Cortisol Noon 4.5 Range 2.1 - 15.7
    Cortisol Evening 1.1 Range 1.8 - 12.1
    Cortisol Night 1.5 Range .9 - 9.2
    prolactin 5.0 Range 2 - 18

    I also had a full blood panel done with Thyroid tests and everything came back within normal range (whatever that means) I am getting my copy of the tests today and will post the numbers later tonight.

    What the heck could make my DHEA be way off the charts and my cortisol be in the low range???

    Some things I did to "patch" these problems were to take cialis. It worked great when I got what would be a partial erection cialis helped it go to full and maintain. But I still had P.E.

    I then started takeing Dostinex .5mg along with Protein factory's Post Cycle and Unleashed and it made a huge difference the P.E. is totally gone and the dostinex has seemed to aid my libido. For a few days I stopped taking the Cialis and Unleashed and I was back to my old problems agian. I am a bit worried about excessive DHT because the Unleashed caused my skin and hair to get really oily I have a high hairline as it is and cant really afford to loose any more hair.

    I really want to fix the cause of my problems rather than patch the symptom with drugs that cause headaches, dizzyness, oily skin and possibly hair loss. I feel that the issue is very much the excessive DHEA but I dont know what to do about it.......

    I have never taken any mediacaton or steroids in the past.......I only dated girls who liked to smoke MJ before sex and it kinda masked my problems.........but dont want to smoke anymore and even then I had frequent problems performing.

    Please help

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    pmgamer18 Member

    The first thing I would do If I were you would be to treat your low Cortisol levels your as low as I was. You E2 test is the wrong one and you did not have LH and FSH tested this you need. Post your Thyroid levels I hope you tested Free T4 and Free t3 with TSH a lot of Dr.'s don't test this and if your TSH is over 2 and your Free T4 is on the low normal with Free T3 not up near the top of the range you could have a low thyroid check your morning Temp under your arm for 10min.'s before getting out of bed if your below 97.8 your thyroid is low. This can do this to your sex life low cortisol and Thyroid you need to treat the Cortisol first. Here is a good site about this.
    Read the whole site.
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    Iggy_347 Junior Member

    Thanks for the reply
    The test did include t3 T4 and TSH......I will post later on.
    I wil also do the morning temp test tomorrow.......I have been meaning to do that.
    LH and FSH..........will do! thanks
    Did you problems go away when you fixed your cortisol level or are you still working on your issues?
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    Iggy_347 Junior Member

    I am confused about the E2 test being the wrong one.....I thought that Estradiol was E2.
    What test should I ask for?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Yes post your thyroid test I hope they are the Free t3 and Free T4 the test for men on Estardiol E2 is this kind.
    We try to keep in US units 10 to 30 best at 20 when you see a test that says < then a number it's a test for women men have much lower levels then women like 10 to 50 but any thing for most over 30 we have sex problems.
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    Andromeda Junior Member

    Your labs are quite similar to my own - however you don't seem to have any problems with general fatigue which is my primary problem... ?
    Just by the way, the one thing that stands out to me is your progesterone to estradiol ratio. There must be an error with your pure estradiol reading or your progesterone reading because the two raw values for these hormones should in no way equate to the ratio expressed there.... Your progesterone levels are fairly high and your E2 is middle of the range. Put that question to your Dr and see his/her response....

    The only explanation I can find for high DHEA and low cortisol is an enzyme deficiency for the conversion of cortisol - 11 Beta Hydroxy Dehydrogenase I think is the specific enzyme. I myself am going to look into getting this checked in this never ending saga of trying to figure out what the hell is the cause of my fatigue and like you - ho hum erections/libido.

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    zumper Junior Member

    What are your DHEA-S levels?
    You are not taking DHEA,hah?
    In my case with wellburtin I was ejaculating faster,if your problem is in Dopamine ,try selegiline(Deprenyl),Wellburtin acts more on norepinephrine the neurotransmitter which triggers ejaculation which you don't want.
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    wildfox Junior Member

    Sounds basically like me, but I was told that increasing my T would take care of all those issues. So far it hasn't fixed the whole problem.

    Good luck! I'll be following your thread to see how it goes.
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    Iggy_347 Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies guys.......
    I have my Thyroid test results.
    t3 Uptake 36 Range 24-37%
    T4 Total 7.1 Range 4.5 - 12.8 mcg/dl
    T4 Free Calculated 2.6 Range1.8 - 3.8
    TSH 1.22 Range .40 - 5.50 miu/l

    It looks like they didnt test for free T3 just the uptake.

    zumper: No not taking any DHEA......none of the tests I have taken has tested DHEA-s i will have to add that to my next round of tests. I have not read up on norepinephrine yet....thanks for the info. Taking wellbutrin totally helped my focus I didnt notice a real change in my ejaculation but at the time it was pretty dam fast to begin with.....I started taking dostinex wich fixed the premature ejac issue but maybe switching ot Deprenyl will cure 2 birds with one stone and be one less med I have to buy.........Thanks for the info!

    Andromeda: When i asked my psychiatrist about the DHEA/Cortisol ratio he had some very intresting information. He told me that there are tests being done on a DHEA antagonist drug to cure depression....apparently according to him excessive dhea can cause depression and sexual issues and that studies show that children who were abused when they are young (my mom had post pardom before anyone knew what it was) evolve with a short arm seritonin protein rather than a long arm protein this (according to him) causes the body to excrete excessive DHEA to cope with the traumatic stress and the excessive dhea issue stays with you for life........he is looking to get me into the clinical trial for this issue..........I have tried to do research on it but pretty much came up empty......I will post if I find out more on the subject.

    Oh and I do have fatigue issues.........Tired all the time at work especially on the drive home. I noticed that supplementing a little hydrocortisone each day helped and I have been taking ADR formula from pureprescriptions.com (they did my origional saliva tests) for a while but really I only noticed the hydrocortisone helping the adr stuff didnt seem to make much of a difference.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    What dose of HC are you doing a day maybe your not doing enough you can go up to 5mgs 4x's a day and be safe meaning it will not shut you down.
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    Andromeda Junior Member

    When you saw the psych I take it you did'nt mention the possibility of the 11 betahydroxy enzyme deficiency, or find out about getting it tested? Let me know what comes of this - It would make a lot of sense given your average cortisol yet extremely elevated DHEA....

    You mentioned that Wellbutrin helped for a while, and I myself noticed an almost exact replica of what you experienced. ie: sex drive markedly improved for the first week or so of treatment and then back to normal. However I was taking Cipramil (serotonin reuptake / anti depressant) I think I'll try Wellbutrin..... however from what I've read in here about Norepinephrine/adrenal fatigue, increasing dopamine will probably lower NE levels and thus lower cortisol which is the last thing I need if adrenal fatigue is the route cause of my poor libido.

    Finally, I think we should keep in touch here should either of us come across a solution, because you seriously sound like your in a similar situation to myself. I'll send you a PM so you've got my contact if/when a solution is found, or some other vital info....

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    wildfox Junior Member

    I agree we ought to keep in touch. The above description about childhood abuse and excessived DHEA applies to me completely!
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    Iggy_347 Junior Member

    Took My morning temp today for the first time.......96.8 way low........strange thing is I took it again before I left for work and it was 98.1. I am going to begin charting it and see what the average is.
    I have also been checking out the forum at http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/community/viewforum.php?f=5 for more info.
    Thanks for the tip pmgamer18

    As far as HC doses go I am taking ADR Formula http://www.pureprescriptions.com/products/product_view.asp?ProductsID=180

    and just applying some Generic 1% HC ointment.

    Does anyone have any other HC suggestions......I I dont really know how exactly much HC these products are giving me.

    Would cortef be a better choice?
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    Iggy_347 Junior Member

    my psyc did not mention possibility of the 11 betahydroxy enzyme deficiency but I will read up on this one..........if will PM if I find anything

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