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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by wedorecover, May 11, 2018.

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    What’s up guys,
    So Monday I’ll be starting this cut log....
    im gonna try and be as detailed as possible without giving up too much info from @Atlas_Physiques .... i do want to say im very impressed buy how well this was put together by them ... they really put a lot into this so im gonna give this everything i got .... i also haven’t been in the gym most of last year due to injuries but im heathy and ready to go ...
    @Atlas_Physiques meal plan and work out plan is very detailed .... and seems to me all bases are covered .... this is my first real cut .... due to the fact I’ve always been a small guy and stay bulking ...

    5 ft 9
    30 years old this month
    205 lb
    According to the thing at the gym im 12% bf

    I’ll be running
    Won’t be giving doses and timing

    60E50314-B448-4E84-ABD2-C74258027F37.png AD70CC14-FCF9-49F1-918B-80F58E2207FA.jpeg C2DA40EC-5AED-480A-B5E3-1119C2865849.jpeg 790386B3-1E85-4D42-B7FF-6A881026E2C0.png
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    Subbed for the topless pics
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    Do some measurements. Neck, Arms, Chest, Waist, etc. You'll be glad you have the numbers later. Plus even if weight isn't dropping you can check the measurements for differences. Good luck!
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    I’m also subbed man.
    I was always skinny growing up. So when I started working out and gained some size I just wanted more and more size.
    I would always tell myself I wasn’t big enough to cut yet. I was afraid to loose any size that I’ve worked so hard to get lol.
    Seems I haven’t been gaining much over the last year and just been maintaining really. So I’m going to try cutting this summer. I hope it resets my body and I see better results in my next bulk cycle. Good luck man!
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    You know your buddy Mrb66 is most deff along for this ride. I know your gonna do great my friend, your in good hands with Wunder and mands for sure, time to take it up a notch !!!!
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    @Skull fuck i knew i forgot people
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    Imma have to 2nd that wit ya B66....Subbed as well brotha @wedorecover ;)
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    Lol all good my brotha. Theirs alot of us to remember right off the top of tue head like that. Id have to go into all of the peeps i follow in order to get everyone down in one post hahaha. Good luck my man. Wish ya all the best....Btw, i like the tatts. Gotta get some nore myself on down the road when i get more financially secure...which might mean ill never get inked up again bahahaha
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    Ya i want some more tats too brother i have my whole neck done too all the way to the jaw line gonna do my back and my whole front too
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    Subbed for sure.
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    Well ya got me subbed for the muscle an tatt gains lol :)
  12. Count me in!
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    Hell fuckin yea brother!!! SUBBED!!!
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    Subbed up!!
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    Good luck!

    So drug timing is the big secret?...interesting.
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    Yea buddy!!! Sticking around for this. Nice summer blast. Get it in!!
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  19. Subbed.
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